Pobres Garimpeiros de riqueza: a geografia dos diamantes em Três Ranchos, Goiás

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This dissertation comes from the insertion of diamond miners in the process of constitution of socioeconomic Três Ranchos, city located in the extreme southeast of the state of Goiás. Três Ranchos miners risked the fate of most workers, ignored to follow regarding its importance and relationship to the historical process, and the consequences and repercussions that their work resulted in the transformation of the space. Clearly the presence of the miner every day in Três Ranchos, printed marks that remain even after all this time closed the mining of diamonds, which lasted from mid-1930 until 1981. That year he graduated reservoir Hydropower Plant Emborcação, banning workers from places where worked. The mining, extractive, primary, interrupted suddenly function of flooding, has been replaced by others, to cater to tourism arising, those related to the service sector, qualified as the tertiary stage of the economy. This new economic environment (attractive to some, damaging the opinion of others) has as its background the mischaracterization of the territory by the deployment of hydropower, an event that is one of the most striking contemporary designs of capital reproduction. The historical-geographical process, values and habits of the miner, his relationship with the natural and social environment, the socio-cultural contribution, the symbols related to the environment from mining and the diamond itself, the exploitation of labor by “fornecedor” and the “capangueiro”, the consequences for the environment adjacent to mining after the flood, the dispossession of the worker proceeded and how to restructure, etc. are constituent elements of this study. And to understand the plots that engages the diamond (or that are woven in consequence thereof) as well as its geological constitution gives several scientific papers were used. Moreover, as a methodology, considering that memory is an effective appeal to refer to spatiality, and specific documentation on the subject was poor, appealed to the orality of the miners as well as the photographs of the time. Also resorted to fiction and memoir writers and travelers, precious expedients to contribute to clarify what moves these guys. Thus is fulfilled is the central objective proposed, to emphasize the importance of the miner and his work, bringing them to the surface of the story.



Garimpeiro, Diamantes, Trabalho, Três Ranchos, Work., Miner, Diamonds, Três Ranchos city


SOUSA, José Luiz Vaz de. Pobres Garimpeiros de riqueza: a geografia dos diamantes em Três Ranchos, Goiás. 2012. 166 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2012.