Percepção das paisagens: a topofilia e o olhar dos moradores na cidade de Catalão (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research has as main objective to understand the perception of landscape that Catalan residents have of the city, thus, the demotic Assembly, on topofilia. The search area is located in the town of Catalan (GO) located in the Southeast region in Central Goiás State, Brazil. His choice is due principally to the city find themselves in recent decades with accelerated urban growth, and the urban landscape transformations have happened quickly and intense, with these modifications initiated basically, after the Decade of 1990. For the development of the study noted the problems, and presents some questions which aided in the understanding of the perception of the city landscape in the design of sixty residents that were interviewed: as residents of the town of Catalan (GO) realize the urban landscape? Which feelings and meanings these residents attach to the perception of landscape thus, the demotic Assembly in the foundations of topofília? What kind of feelings you have residents of the landscape with regard to the place where they live and/or who attend? From these discussions, involving literature reviews were conducted at the thematic study, research in libraries, sites that carry theses, dissertations, articles that discuss the category of landscape, cityscape, perception and topofília. In the field research was conducted semi-structured interview with sixty subjects, which had as its purpose to understand which the conceptions of respondents in relation to the landscape of the city, for both, was adopted some criteria for individuals to participate in the interviews: have aged over 18 years, both sexes and reside in the city for more than five (05) years. I guess you could say I understand the vision that residents have of the landscape of the city in which they live is a way to add values to everyday relationships involving culture, symbols and meanings sometimes considered unimportant. In this perspective, understanding the subjective human issues is significant for individuals, and even for the group in General. These actions are presented with a way to assign value to social ties present in the living, and that manifest themselves in the neighbourly relations, on coexistence in the squares, groves, fairs, and such attitudes strengthen the bonds of friendship and brings to memory the memories of the past that certainly has a lot of value to life in society.



Geografia, Percepção da paisagem, Topofilia, Catalão (GO), Geography, Perception of landscape, Topophilia


LIMA, O. R. Percepção das paisagens: a topofilia e o olhar dos moradores na cidade de Catalão (GO). 2014. 142 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2014.