Tecnologia assistiva e práticas de letramento no atendimento educacional especializado

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The Assistive Technology is an area of knowledge that enables people with disability a more autonomous and independent life with higher life´s quality. When we considering the development of school students with disability we find the vital importance of these resources and services to the success or failure in the school. Nowadays the Specialized Educational Service takes characteristics as an Assistive Technology service where are offered resources and services that it helps in the activity execution before impossible by the disability. Furthermore, this service has like function to complement and/or to supplement the deaf students’ formation, pervasive developmental disorders and high abilities/gifted in order to provide access conditions, participation and learning in the regular education. Due the importance of the reading and writing ability development, in a literacy society, we problematize the conceptions and practices of teachers working in specialized educational assistance such as Assistive Technology in the promotion of access at the literacy practices of disability students. The goal of this investigation is to understand how has been characterized the conceptions and practices, according to some experiences, by some teachers about the Assistive Technology in the promotion of the access to the literacy of the disability students in the multifunctional resources classroom and of the specialized educational assistance center. This research belong to the Catalano Observatory of Special Education, that make a link with the National Observatory of Special Education and show as methodological way the collaborative action research, which aims to approximate the academic knowledge to the teachers practices, having as result the scientific co-production, as well as teachers formations. This research was done with eight specialized teachers of the schools from Catalão city. The information collection was done through group interviews and information was organized and categorized for analysis. They are: literacy; Assistive Technology; resources, the practices of reading and writing promotion and the conceptions and constructions of concept of Assistive Technology; teachers’ formation. The results demonstrate that the assistive technology resources and services generally has been not used and available to provide access to the practices of reading and writing in the specialized educational assistance area and that there is an inefficient formation to work with the specificities that there are in this work about resources and services of Assistive Technology that enable to the access to the reading and writing practices. It’s possible to assert yet that the practices related by the teachers seem a perspective of strategy and ludic resources than the actual conception of Assistive Technology. Thus, we understand the need structuration of the specialized educational assistance work focusing to a more efficient proposal of formation to these professionals, so, indeed be guaranteed the access and the use of the Assistive Technology in favor of a guarantee of the rights and equiparation of opportunities.



Tecnologia assistiva, Letramento, Atendimento educacional especializado, Assistive technology, Literacy, Specialized educational service


BORGES, W. F. Tecnologia assistiva e práticas de letramento no atendimento educacional especializado. 2015. 205 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.