As práticas de comunicação das atividades gestoras em instituições públicas de ensino

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Efficient and effective communication among members of an educational institution is a prerequisite for the success of such organizations. Literature has shown that internal communication is one of the main aspects of management activities and that communication practices are essential to organizational management. The aim of this research was to map the internal communication practices of management activities in two federal institutions of technological education and examine whether such practices vary from one institution to another. The institutions that took part in this research were the Goiano Federal Institute and the Triângulo Mineiro Federal Institute, and the research method used was the comparative case study. Thus, we evaluated if the communication practices that are considered important and essential by the managers are effectively used in the institutions. For this purpose, a documental analysis and a field research involving 116 managers from both institutions were carried out. The participants were asked to answer a questionnaire about 16 communication practices that are commonly found in educational institutions. The results showed that the managers’ perception of an internal/external communication strategic plan is relatively low since around 30% of them had such perception. The most used communication channels were email (80-95%), followed by telephone (65-77%) and internal notices (62-73%) in both institutions. In contrast, channels such as audio and videoconference, blogs, discussion forums, house organs and twitter showed no significant values in any institutions. Most of the analyzed communication practices showed an index of utilization lesser than 50% in both institutions, thus characterizing a deficiency or even an inexistence of an internal communication strategic plan. However, the index of importance assigned to the same communication practices by the managers was higher than 50% in 15 out of 16 practices in both institutions, with 13 of them over 70%. In conclusion, several communication policies adopted by the institutions have no formal records in the analyzed documents and despite the degree of utilization in most of the analyzed practices showed a low index, the great majority of them was recognized as an important management activity.



Comunicação interna, Práticas de comunicação, Instituição federal de educação tecnológica, Gestão organizacional, Eficácia institucional, Internal communication, Communication practices, Federal institution of technological educational, Organizational management, Institutional efficiency


SILVA, G. A. O. As práticas de comunicação das atividades gestoras em instituições públicas de ensino. 2014. 165 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2014