Geração coca-cola: discursos e identidades jovens construídas no rock brasileiro da década de 1980

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study proposes a lyric reading of Brazilian rock of 1980, to point out the construction of young identity by speeches built on the letters selected for this research. The national rock the aforementioned decade has as distinctive feature the younger crowd, since that musical bands that appear at this time have as its members young people. During this period, it has a freedom of artistic expression and, consequently an expansion of the record industry. The aim of this work is to analyze the construction of youth identity in the discourse the letters of Brazilian rock songs from the 1980s. Thus, it was possible to reflect on the relationship between cultural identity and language from some rock music at the time given, and thus open a view to articulate the concept of identity and discursive subject from the lyrics of the songs studied. It is a bibliographical research, qualitative, with analytical-descriptive orientation. As theoretical-methodological support adopted for this research were triggered concepts of the French line of discourse analysis, with emphasis on the postulates of Michel Foucault and Michel Pêcheux. The corpus of the survey consists of nine rock lyrics of the decade in question, three of each band / singer: Cazuza: Ideology, Bourgeoisie and Girl from Bauru; Legião Urbana: Chemistry, Eduardo and Monica and Generation Coca-cola; Titans: Food, Fun and State Violence. Therefore this research was divided into four stages: 1) national rock brief history 1980s, highlighting the Brazilian youth culture with an emphasis on production Music; 2) information on the analysis of the French line of discourse, highlighting concepts used in the course of the analysis of the letters, as well as the conditions production of this musical segment in the period; 3) highlight concepts related to identity, particularly in the context of the difference and the Relationship between identity and address; 4) reading of chosen letters, that were related theoretical concepts of discourse analysis with identity, enabling the achievement of objectives. In these letters it verifies that certain subject positions corroborate materialized subjectivities in speech, point to identity constructions within the difference. This research sought to analyze how the rock lyrics in the 1980s "Build" the identity of these young fellows.



Identidade jovem, Discurso, Rock brasileiro da década de 1980, Cazuza, Legião urbana, Titãs, Young identity, Speech, Brasilian rock of the 1980s, Titans


PEREIRA, A. B. Geração coca-cola: discursos e identidades jovens construídas no rock brasileiro da década de 1980. 2016. 168 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.