Discursos da mídia jornalística sobre a universidade: a Universidade Federal de Goiás em foco

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study arose from the need for reflection on the interaction between news media and university from the discourse perspective. In this direction, a few issues have been raised concerning the discourses published on O Popular (The Popular Newspaper) and Jornal UFG (UFG Newspaper) about the Federal University of Goiás. Therefore, four topics were selected among articles published by both newspapers between 2010 and 2013, namely: UFG 50th Anniversary, the Espaço das Profissões (a vocational guidance event held by the institution), UFG construction and expansion works, and student demonstrations. Based on the chosen topics and from the discourse standpoint, the aim was to reflect on the subjects‟ positions, the ideologies supporting subjects and discourses, the meanings built through them, and their heterogeneity and verbal-visual resources. The reflections were based on the dialogue between communication and journalism theories, using the traditional French Discourse Analysis, in an attempt to analyze the news media not only in terms of the writing techniques applied, or their responsibility to inform society, but also as a space for discourse construction and diffusion, where there is no room for impartiality and where subjects shift positions within discourse-based relations. Discourse is herein seen as dynamic, lively, and transparent with regard to the ideological, historical and social context. In this sense, it will always be possible to build other discourses and meanings upon what is published or not about UFG by the news media. The study was meant to reflect on the commercial and institutional discourse of the news media, whether partial or impartial, the discourse-based relation between the media and the university, and the perception of diverse media discourses and subjects about the university. Considering the characteristics and the institutional bias, the discourses published by each of the newspapers, their ideological aspects, the subjects mobilized or not, and the way they are mobilized in each of the papers, it was understood that the university is seen from different points of view by those media and subjects. And such varied perceptions, discourses and subjects are a result of the diverse positions, institutional relations and discourses that underlie the news media articles about UFG.



Análise do discurso, Comunicação, Mídia, Universidade, O Popular, Jornal UFG, Discourse analysis, Communication, Media, University


SOUZA, Fábio Márcio Gaio de. Discursos da mídia jornalística sobre a universidade: a Universidade Federal de Goiás em foco. 2015. 229 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.