Encruzilhadas do tempo na dinâmica espacial do distrito de Pires Belo - Catalão/GO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Capitalist expansion is present everywhere, presenting its diversified form in time and space. Its dynamics and diversity drive the transformations that shape and reconfigure places and make them fit into the project of world integration. These transformations that go through and pass in the history of the places, is clearly present in the District of Pires Belo, municipality of Catalão - GO, and that draw attention by the new dynamic that characterizes the rustic, traditional mode of the majority of the population. The need to present the ruptures of new developments makes the research fundamental, since it aims to reflect on the very origin of the place. From a crossroads to an economic, social and modernized integration. The research aims to discuss the origin ofPires Belo District interacting with the reports and memories of its own residents, stories that narrate the formation of roads to important highways such as the Federal Highway BR-050 make the search to understand the transformations that pass through the District over time. From the stories heard in the reading of the scientific texts, from the dissertations already elaborated about the Pires Belo District, it is evident the need to understand the history of the expansion of the capital to the interior of Brazil. And through this capitalist expansion it produces the characterization of Pires Belo's insertion into the world. The main element, the asphalting of the highway, and with it new dynamics are being elaborated, electric power, clean water and piped water, the first transformation industries, the construction of the Serra do Facão HPP and ending the duplication of the same paved road previously. The peaceful and quiet place of there sidents' causes referred to the origin of the District around 1930/1940 is transforme dby economic innovation, technologies, buildings of the 1970s / 1980s, industry, new agriculture, real estate inflation, violence. The ruptures that mark the research andre flect the diagnosis of new particularities, new characteristics that now represent thedaily lives of new inhabitants, new, since they come from far, from the Northeast, the North, but complement the new economic realities. with the social production of the transformations and dynamics of Pires Belo District today. The research tells of the origins of the District by the causes of its formation, the Pouso da Siriema, the Pires Farm, the Federal Highway, the technical - scientific transformations. It tells throughs cientific readings, territorial transformations the logistical importance of Pires Belo District and how it has become a place of great economic perspectives, both in the city and in the countryside, from emotional perspectives for the simple, rustic or fast way of life. and drive to complete a new and at the same time old place. It should not befor gotten that in Pires Belo District, even with the spatial, territorial or social transformations, the simple way of interior places is mixed with the modernity of thegreat economic center sof the country.



Encruzilhadas, Pires Belo, Lugar, Transformações, Particularidades, Crossroads, Place, Transformations, Particularities


BORGES, J. C. C. Encruzilhadas do tempo na dinâmica espacial do distrito de Pires Belo - Catalão/GO. 2019. 122 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.