As receitas medievais portuguesas no ensino de História

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


With the arrival of the re-democratization, general educational laws such as LDB and the PCNs they have been as a guiding of curricular proposal common to schools throughout the country. Within these documents, the History and High School They are the continuity the education of citizenship and work. Faced with this, I pointed out some questions: How do you reflect Medieval History in Brazil within a proposal for an education-focused only on the labour market? What are the notes that you can make to teaching and research in Medieval History in the period in which is in vigor the re-democratization in the country? How does Portuguese food contribute to teaching today? Right after the decade of 1980, history teaching has intensified the use of new tools and themes for to be use in the classroom as a way to simplify historical knowledge and form new individuals in history. The New Medieval studies have also contributed to this issue, stating that our Brazilian identity still has many Portuguese medieval heritages. Based on this, I proposed to bring in this work, a presentation of an educational workshop project with the theme of the Portuguese medieval feeding and as a methodology of teaching the History Education. Through the recipes of the book “Um Tratado de Cozinha Portuguesa do Século XV", the idea is in the construction of a tasting fair with recipes from Portuguese medieval foods and those of the family tradition of the students. These recipes will be elaborated by the pupils, and it is a way to verify Portuguese heritages presents in the tastes, flavors, ingredients and in the preparation techniques; also, reflect how this contributes to the orientation of life and constructing of our students/the as individuals in history.



Ensino de História, Educação histórica, Idade média, Alimentação portuguesa, History teaching, History education, Middle ages, Portuguese food


OLIVEIRA, Diêgo Soares de. As receitas medievais portuguesas no ensino de História. 2017. 122 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.