Prática pedagógicas de educaçao ambiental:dez anos (1999 a 2009) da Política Nacional de Educação Ambiental no Município de Catalão (GO) CAIC São Francisco de Assis

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Thematic the ambient one if has transformed into a recurrent question in the last few decades,consequence of the ambient crisis deflagrate by the process of expropriation of the natural resources inside of the hegemonic socioeconomic structure, characterized as society of consumption based in the Rationality of the Capital and the object of the nature. In this context, the Ambient Education has been presented as an important tool for mitigation of the situation in screen, but the form in which the same one is implemented through practical the pedagogical ones applied for the teachers and the results externalized for pupils and felt by the society, the real effectiveness of this educative process has rank under questioning, as well as generated conceptual divergences in the agreement of the terminology. In such a way, this work aims at to evaluate the education of Ambient Education in the municipal public net of the city of Catalão (GO), having for reference the final series of Grammar school of the CAIC São Francisco de Assis, by means of the analysis of the application of the National Politics of Environmental Education (NPEA), Federal Law 9,795/99, throughout the period of 1999 the 2009. Different elements instrumentalize the research aiming at to elucidate to the maximum the questions related to the subject and to minimize possible mistakes, collaborating for a scientific, sober and beneficial inquiry. Being carried through a deepening of the theoretical questions by means of meticulous bibliographical revision around productions that present interfaces with thematic the proposal, the participation in scientific events and politicians and the development of the field work, as much in the pertaining to school unit of reference, how much in other institutions that they deal with the education and the environment the municipal level, such as, city departments of education and environment, Public prosecution service, Chamber of Councilmen and Municipal City hall. With the accomplishment of different procedures: Developed, among others material document survey and diverse data, projects and information; Pedagogical comments of lessons and plannings; Application of questionnaires; Interviews. The work is considered in carrying through an analysis anchored in the following ones estimated: Socio-environmental Crisis, Public Politics and Practical Pedagogical of Environmental Education, based, over all, in the commitment to contribute with the indication of possible ways for the materialization of practical pedagogical of Environmental Education capable to propitiate to the students and teachers, alternatives for the exercise of the citizenship and consequent transformations that allow to socioenvironmental improvements for all the society.



Crise Socioambiental, Educação Ambiental, Práticas Pedagógicas, Políticas Públicas., Socio-environmental Crisis, Environmental Education, Practical Pedagogical, Public Politics., 1. Geografia 2. Crise-socioambiental 3. Educação-ambiental 4. Práticas-pedagógicas 5. Políticas-públicas


MELO NETO, Gabriel de. Pedagogical practices of environmental education: ten years (1999 the 2009)of the National Politics of Environmental Education in the city of Catalão (GO)-CAIC São Francisco de Assis.. 2010. 195 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências Humanas) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2010.