Análise multimodal das aberturas de unidades da coleção High Up: na perspectiva da gramática do design visual

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research aims to analyze the verbal and non-verbal texts that make up the openings of the units of the High Up English didactic collection. Approved by the National Textbook Plan - PNLD 2015, recommended for high school, organized by the authors Reinildes Dias; Leina Juca and Raquel Faria. For this, the Systemic-Functional Grammar (HALLIDAY, 1994) ; (HALLIDAY and MATTHIESSEN, 2004) is in coherence with the multimodal texts from the perspective of theVisual Design Grammar (KRESS and VAN LEEUWEN, 2000). Based on these authors, it is hoped to find out if the study of the English language in a public school in the city of Pires do Rio - Goiás offers a variety of interpretations through the engravings and gives the students, according to the theme of the unit, reflect and discuss the images and phrases presented on said pages of unit openings. In addition to the multimodal analysis, the verbal that follow the unit openings were analyzed from the METHOD of Interpersonal Metaphor and analysis of the occurrences of the processes by the Ideational Metaphor, through the computer program called WordSmith Tools 7. It is a qualitative and quantitative research (DORNYEI, 2007) that relates theory, context and research questions. For the analysis of the corpus that composes this study, the data were selected, in consonance with the theoretical contribution of Visual Design Linguistic and Systemic- Functional Linguistic.



Aberturas de unidade, Linguística do design visual, Material didático, Linguística sistêmico-funcional, Unity openings, Visual design linguistic, Courseware, Systemic-functional linguistics


MENDONÇA, Tânia Regina. Análise multimodal das aberturas de unidades da coleção High Up: na perspectiva da gramática do design visual. 2018. 135 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.