A docência em uma escola da Ordem Franciscana - Goiandira-Goiás (1960-1970): narrativas de professoras

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Teaching is an activity that happens in a limited time lived between the places inside the school and the life history, mobilizing a variety of knowledge, conditions and elements that meet the curriculum, the contents and the relations between teacher-student. Much of this knowledge is considered tacit, because they are constituted in a personal, subjective, instinctive and experiential way. In Goiandira, a city in southeastern goiano, which for some people was a herald of modernity in the early twentieth century, some women constituted teaching under peculiar conditions. Resulting from the presence of the Franciscan Order in that municipality and the construction of the Santa Maria Goretti Parish School directed and coordinated by the Sisters of Allegany, from the United States, on a mission of Catholic Education and Evangelization. This historical panel and the first contact with the former teachers of the Santa Maria Goretti Parish School, at the time of the definition of the subjects for this study, contributed to the delimitation of the problem of this research, from the finding that these teachers did not have official graduation for teaching, which established the following questions: What is the profile of the girls who were invited to be teachers, as students of Junior High School or having this stage of studies just concluded, how did they approach teaching skills? What is the influence of the Franciscan Order, especially of the Sisters of Allegany in the formation of the teaching of these lay girls? Preliminary questions to define the general objective of the present research: to analyze the constitution of the teaching, in the Santa Maria Goretti Parish School, Goiandira-Goiás, in the 60's. The results show that the teaching of these teachers, constituted at the confluence of an expected Modernity and religious conservatism, assumed for them a unique and differentiating character and had as genesis and image an essence that hybridized a didactic of its own, a mirror of an innovative pedagogy, but at the same timedoctrinaire, moral and conservative. In these terms, the absence of formal teaching is subtly unnoticed because it was ancillary to the experience of being formed by the Sisters of Allegany at the Santa Maria Goretti School, but the Didactic discipline of the Normal course was cited as very important for the formation of the teaching profession.



História da Educação, Autobiografia, Narrativas de professoras Ordem Franciscana, Goiandira-GO, History of Education, Autobiography, Narratives of teachers Franciscan Order, Goiandira-GO


SOUZA, W. V. P. A docência em uma escola da ordem Franciscana - Goiandira-Goiás (1960-1970): narrativas de professoras. 2017. 199 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.