Nas sombras do império onde o sol nunca se põe: expressão de preconceito social em drácula e a guerra dos mundos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research dialogues with the line "Literature, Identity and Memory" aiming at presenting a study that shows Literature as a means of cultural and social marginalization in service to some sectors of English society at the end of the nineteenth century. Specifically, this research had as it´s objective to unroll that the novels Dracula (1897), by Bram Stoker, and The War of the Worlds (1898), by Herbert George Wells, reflects the fear of English elite in relation to the masses, as such, they are seen as an unwanted side of the British Empire, in the same way that the native populations from the colonies under British control. So, both novels may be read as a variation of the perspective of Colonial Gothic. In order to do so, this study will use the theoretical works by, among other ones, Fred Botting (1996), Roberto de Sousa Causo (2003), H. L. Malchow (1996), Alison Milbank (1998), Mary Ellen Snodgrass (2005), Alexandra Warwick (1998), Adam Roberts (2006), Kelly Hurley (2002), Patricia Kerslake (2007). Initially, we present the historical contextualization of Victorian age when it comes to the role of the masses in society. In the sequence, we analyze how gothic literature and science fiction approach social debates in end of the century English Literature. Finally, in the main chapter, we demonstrate that, beyond being works that criticize English imperialist ideology, Bram Stoker and H. G. Wells’ works present a subtext based on scientific discourse of eugenic thought and criminal Anthropology, in which, the masses are equated to the populations of English colonies and, as such, considered an obstacle to the full development of the country and a threat to Victorian England status quo.



Literatura, Gótico, Ficção científica, Preconceito social, Literature, Gothic, Science fiction, Social prejudice


FRANÇA, B. Nas sombras do império onde o sol nunca se põe: expressão de preconceito social em drácula e a guerra dos mundos. 2018. 108 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.