Programa Nacional Biblioteca da Escola - PNBE: apropriação dos acervos para a formação de leitores no município de Ipameri-Goiás

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Understanding that reading exercises a fundamental role in the lives of people living in a literate society, and that the democratization of reading comes from public politics, this paper aims to discuss the National Program of Library of School (PNBE), in order to understand its appropriation by the school in the 5th grade of elementary school. Specifically, it seeks to characterize the Program into the public reading politics, discussing the formation of reader in order to perceive their contributions and impasses in municipal schools in Ipameri-Goiás. The research has a qualitative approach, constituting through observations, records in daily of field and semi-structured interviews with teachers, directors, library employees and an employee of the City Department of Education. This study is anchored,yet, in the analysis of documents relating to PNBE. The data constructed from the chosen instrument may answer the following problem: how do schools of the municipal public network of Ipameri-Goiás have appropriated of the collections provided by PNBE to promote the formation of readers students in the 5th grade of elementary school? The theoretical framework draws upon especially in studies of Roger Chartier, Magda Soares, Aparecida Paiva, Regina Zilberman, Marisa Lajolo, Célia Fernandes, Regina Copes, Ezequiel Silva, Eliane Yunes, Shiroma, among other authors who discuss reading, public reading politics and formation of readers. The research revealed that, for that the appropriation of PNBE happen in schools, requires himself work consistent, since the books have arrived at schools, but the use of the acquis hasn’t himself effected, whether in reason of the few knowledge about the Program, lack of adequate spaces, or the fact the lack of spaces adequate for reading, or because the mediators do not have specific formation. Moreover, the activities and the time available for reading showed to be incipient, compromising the formation of proficient and active readers and that make social use of knowledge articulated by reading



PNBE, Escola, Formação de leitores, School, Formation of readers


CIRINO, D. B. L. Programa Nacional Biblioteca da Escola - PNBE: apropriação dos acervos para a formação de leitores no município de Ipameri-Goiás. 2015. 187 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.