A temática do indígena brasileiro no ensino de história

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research seeks a reflexive structure around what is "being Indian" in Brazil today, its dichotomies and how the teaching-learning teaching in the elementary school modality I am contributing to the recognition of the Indian before a society, assuming that the Indians, even today, are invisible to a large majority of non-Indians. It is inserted in line 01: Culture, languages and history teaching of the Professional Masters in History of the Federal University of Goiás - Regional Catalão and seeks to analyze the identity and culture of the Brazilian indigenous peoples and if the current pedagogical practice is contributing to that there is a change in the visibility of these peoples by non-Indians. From a methodological point of view, this research collected data in the journalistic media and counted on field work done through a closed questionnaire, applied to students and students of elementary school I. The studies of the materials collected in the electronic media as much as in the schools establish a relation between identity, difference and culture, where the historical processes produce the meanings and meanings that establish the relations of power that hierarchize the relations between the different cultures. Another founding point of this research is based on the need for visibility of Brazilian indigenous peoples, especially regarding the academic environment, based on the assumption that there is "outdated" teaching material to meet the demand in the teaching-learning process. The research also shows that in the 21st century, indigenous peoples are remembered only on the eve of April 19 (Indian Day), when they are remembered, and are countersigned by teachers much more like "folklore" or having their image distorted through of the most varied stereotypes.



Povos indígenas, Relações de poder, Cultura, Educação, Indian people, Power relations, Culture, Education


BARICHELLO, D. A. M. S. A temática do indígena brasileiro no ensino de história. 2018. 86 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.