Análise da acessibilidade e mobilidade no Complexo do Sabiá na cidade de Uberlândia (MG)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The purpose of this study was to analysis the infrastructure of Sabia Complex in order to ensure that it meets the 2004 Technical Standard 9050 , the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards - ABNT , and the Laws Nº. 10,098 of accessibility of people with disability or reduced mobility in December 19, 2000 and Nº. 12 587 National Urban Mobility Policy in January 3 , 2012. The study is in the Sabia Complex , situated in Uberlândia ( MG ), which according to data of Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics has a total of 604,103 habitants , according to the last census conducted in 2010. of this there is a portion that has a disability and / or reduced mobility and which is inserted in an active market work , education system and other activities of the urban environment. This reality is the result of years of part of the claims of population embracing the cause. So became the need of pay attention to the urban planning that private and public spaces have an accessibility and mobility, so that meets people universally . The Sabia Complex is in the eastern sector of the city of Uberlândia, is composed by Sabia Park, Joao Havelange Stadium Municipal and Tancredo Neves Multipurpose Arena, is the Community public leisure equipment oldest and consolidated the city. Passed in recent years by a revitalization process to provide a good accessibility and mobility . So the preparation of this work was done a literature and documentary , works and field surveys - to observe the structural aspects of Sabia Complex - and questionnaires to verify the perception of users with respect to accessibility and mobility infrastructure on place. After this process it was verified that despite the Sabiá Complex be a consolidated space and open to the public it leaves many gap with respect to accessibility and mobility.



Uberlândia, Complexo do Sabiá, Acessibilidade, Mobilidade, Uberlândia, Sabia Complex, Accessibility, Mobility


MELO, C. A. S. M. Análise da acessibilidade e mobilidade no Complexo do Sabiá na cidade de Uberlândia (MG). 2015. 187 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.