Cultura e mudança organizacional: mapeamento de modelos teóricos aplicados em uma realidade brasileira

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


It is known that organizations in Brazil and in the world are constantly changing both in processes and in organizational practices, changes that involve the principles of organizational change. Many of the changes suggested within an institutional environment may suffer from certain resistances that can lead the process of change to failure, thus identifying points of coalition and means in which they help the development and realization of change becomes a fundamental point for analysis of the organizational environment And their iterations of space and time. In this way, this study initially presents concepts and perspectives of the terms Culture and Organizational Change, consolidating a fundamental basis for research development, focusing on the application and evaluation questionnaires in some teams within two organizational environments in order to observe the psychology and cultural style of a Leader in the work routines and during the implementation of the changes following the concept of Ouimet (2005). (Bortolotti (2010), Todnem (2005) and Barnard and Stoll (2010)) and their respective models of resistance and / or adhesion to the changes proposed by the leaders, considering aspects directly involved with the environment and their interactions. Resistance identification and change management verification. At first sight we realized that to create a model of change management it is the general analysis of the environment and their respective interactions, we also see that the detachment of cultural characteristics can induce the possible emergence of new behavioral perspectives that can lead to the formation Of new concepts. Finally, we observe that with each possibility of resistance to change within the organizational environment we see a direction as to the need for structural analysis of a series of information and data so that management models for change management are developed, adopted and improved to become More effective during the change and all their respective propositions within an environment that constantly undergoes influences, marketing, political and social.



Cultura organizacional, Mudança organizacional, Gestão da mudança organizacional, Organizational culture, Organizational change, Change management


SILVA, P. F. Cultura e mudança organizacional: mapeamento de modelos teóricos aplicados em uma realidade brasileira. 2017. 107 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.