Formação de professores nas licenciaturas do Instituto Federal Goiano: políticas , currículos e docentes

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This work has as the theme teacher formation, and its objective is to analyze the process of teachers’ formation in licentiate degree at the Goiano Federal Institute, from politics, curriculum and professors who compose the courses. The assumption that guides the analysis is that these courses present character of teacher formationfor bachelor's degree programs. Nowadays, the offering of these courses, especially the ones in the area of natural sciences and mathematics, is a reality of the expansion of the government politics for teacher formation. In order to reveal the object, it was decided to use two methodological strategies: a) proposition of questionnaires, b) analysis of documents such as: curriculum matrices of licentiate courses, pedagogical projects of course, official texts of the Goiano Federal Institute and of the National Council of Education. The investigation has as a reference licentiate courses in mathematics, biological sciences and chemistry of the five functioning campuses that compose the Goiano Federal Institute as well as the teachers working on them. What motivates developing this study about the courses of teacher formation in the context of the Goiano Federal Institute is to know: In what perspective these courses are being implemented? These courses are organized as licentiate degree? The curricular matrices and the pedagogical projects of these courses have as reference teacher formation? The professional profile of the teachers who work in these courses has, as reference, education, teacher formation? Seeking to answer, the study is organized in four chapters. In order to approach the understanding of these issues, the work performs an initial discussion about teacher formation, discussing its prospects and the specificities that compose teaching, in order to reflect on a formation not redemptive. The investigation begins from studies of official documents that discuss the politics of teaching formation in the country, the curriculum matrices and the pedagogical projects. Destined to know their teachers, questionnaires are applied to them. The research allows us to observe that the courses are organized under different perspectives, their matrices, mostly from the quantitative point of view shows some concentration in specific areas, presented a formation very close to the 3 +1 model, there is a dissonance as to what is proposed in the pedagogical courses and their matrices with respect to teacher training, and that the profile of the teachers who work in the courses is related to licentiate degree. The consolidation of the Goiano Federal Institute as a space of offering of licentiate courses is related to the necessity of proposing specific politics for teacher formation, from a crucial review of its matrices, a deep discussion of their courses projects, incentives to the research in the education area and objective actions in the process of teacher formation. Otherwise, there is the risk of getting lost along the way in consequence of the diffusion of its performance as an active institution in distinct levels and types of education.



Formação de professores, Políticas, Currículo, IF goiano, Teacher formation, Politics, Curriculum, IF goiano


ARANTES, Fabiano José Ferreira. Formação de professores nas licenciaturas do Instituto Federal Goiano: políticas , currículos e docentes. 2013. 139 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2013.