Concepções e práticas de alfabetização e letramento de professores da pré- escola do município de Catalão-GO


This study aimed to analyze the concepts and practices of literacy and literacy teachers from pre-school municipal Catalan-GO education. Despite the findings and studies on the relationship between literacy and literacy in early childhood education and the discussion is still surrounded by doubts and uncertainties to which not even the teachers who work at this level can find answers and direct the course of the educational process . The theoretical and adopted Framework for the realization of this work was the cultural historical theory, and Vygotsky (1999) as its principal representative. Therefore, for this research, the Vygotskian concept of mediation will have special emphasis, because he is central to reflect on the idea of intentionality and the systematic work in early childhood education institutions - ensuring the specificity of each age group - as a way to oppose us to work based on spontaneity and welfare, characteristic of care historically proposed to the education of young children. We conduct theoretical character studies to understand the history of early childhood education in Brazil and understand the functions and characteristics assigned to that level to ensure that the child is respected as a subject of rights; to this end, we rely on current laws, official documents, such as the Law of Education Guidelines and Bases (1996), the National Curriculum Reference for Early Childhood Education (1998), among others, and literature production concerning the education of children 0-6 years among them Ariès (1978), Kuhlmann Junior (2004), Kramer (1985), Oliveira (2002), Arce (2004). Dialogue with authors such as Vygotsky (2001), Mortatti (2010) and Smith (2003), we reflect on the relationship between literacy, literacy and the role of the teacher from kindergarten. From observation of classes and pedagogical practices of teachers and interviews, we analyzed the conceptions and practices of teachers about the object of study. From the data, we have developed four categories of analysis that enabled us to know as Early Childhood Education teachers understand the literacy and literacy and how to express that understanding in their teaching. Also, realize that municipal and federal educational policies have directly influenced the educational practice of these teachers. In this sense, the challenge was to understand the concepts and practices of teachers considering the subjectivity of considering the historical and cultural context in which it is incurred.



Alfabetização, Letramento, Pré-escola, Literacy easy, Literacy, Preschool


ANDRADE, Priscilla S. Ximenes. Concepções e práticas de alfabetização e letramento de professores da pré- escola do município de Catalão-GO. 2015. 147 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.