Formação e atuação de professores de alunos com deficiência

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Since 2000s special education has become one of the most discussed topics in educational research area. This fact aroused my curiosity to know how the formation and performance of teachers that work with disability students happens. What relationships are established between teacher training and teaching performance? And what are the repercussions of this training experiences in classroom and the multifunctional resource room? To answer these questions, three public schools were surveyed that offer the initial years of elementary education and it has Specialized Educational Services, located in a municipality Southeast region of the state of Goiás. Using interviews, the data were collected from teachers of these institutions both those of reference of common classes and those who properly act in special education. Based on the data collected, aspects such as initial training that were not contributory to the performance and insufficient opportunities for continuing and in-service training were observed. This research results were organized in seven sections and these in subsections and indicated the need to change the course of initial teacher training courses, preparing them to act with inclusion according to theoretical and practical studies. The study also evidenced the importance of expanding the offer of continuing training in-service teachers, especially for common class reference leaders who in the most part have little opportunity to participate in continuing education in the last three years, since no training was intended to them. Furthermore, the study shows that in the three public schools surveyed, teachers poorly understand what their role really is and how they should work with students with disability. This leads to lack of cadence and articulation of the work, since the guidelines drawn up to carry out the work of these teachers do not provide a collaborative and articulated work. In view of this reality, it was understood that in order to change the educational scenario, it is necessary to put into action the existing public policies as well as to invest in the teachers training. So It is necessary to focus on initiatives that promote the construction of a truly inclusive school with the participation of teachers who are knowledgeable about theory and practice and who articulate them at work.



Formação de professores, Práticas pedagógicas, Deficiência, Ensino colaborativo, Educação especial, Teacher training, Pedagogical practices, Disability, Collaborative teaching, Special education


EVANGELISTA, Rosimária Rosa do Nascimento. Formação e atuação de professores de alunos com deficiência. 2019. 164 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.