Ordenamento territorial e complexo sucroenergético: perspectivas da cana-de-açúcar em Itumbiara (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The sugarcane industry is a new beginning of this century and millennium in Brazil. Definitely not limited to, alone, plant and process sugar cane and, from there, generating, besides alcohol, derived elements such as bagasse and that, after being burned, converted into electricity. The new economic activity and that this becomes an institution is primarily the production of subjectivity and that without proper intellectual acuity, will not be noticed. Modern cultivation of sugar cane produces its own type of urbanity, has the ability to shape and sociability own specific types of social interaction which, after all, objectively serve their motion generator rents and surplus value. Otherwise, sugarcane beginning of this millennium beyond the relationship with the classical commodity permeates the very considerable financial and budgetary amount invested by Streamlined and linked resources, the multiplicity of interests involved therein and the refounding, nothing social or democratic, a relationship involving the public and private and that inevitably redefines the very meaning of ownership. Finally, the new and renewing power of the sugarcane industry resides and is renewed in essential attribute of the construct of perceptions, senses, sensibilities and their own ways of being and living in the city. The research deals primarily and mainly this line that the industry could be with the various social and economic dimensions of the part which is to ultimately ensure strength and power for the segment which is privileged member, agribusiness. This line, based from the places where the plants are installed and, from strict organizational and hierarchical formats, can involve all localities and al related resources standardizing its production and movement too harsh hierarchy. In these we have, this phenomenon is rather present in Itumbiara, medium-sized city located in the extreme south of the state of Goiás and had all his territoriality rollover to light and socio-territorial interests of the sugarcane cultivation. This anti-modern movement has built up an astonishing demographic shift so as to virtually eliminate the areas of family cottages, converting them into quaint and ridiculous enclaves amid the sweet sea of sugar cane fields. Otherwise, this research seeks to situate advancement, consolidation and persistence of sugarcane in policy and historicity and that will finally provide effective substance for the present times in the city of Itumbiara. Finally, the effects and consequences of this phenomenon are the central aim of this study and its impact on the city, especially the city of the poor.



Economia, Ordenamento territorial, Complexo sucroenergético, Itumbiara (GO), Economy, Spatial panning, Sugarcane complex, Itumbiara (GO)


CAVALCANTE, A. S. Ordenamento territorial e complexo sucroenergético: perspectivas da cana-de-açúcar em Itumbiara (GO). 2014. 188 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2014.