GeoGebra e a metodologia de resolução de problemas: aplicações na inscrição e circunscrição de sólidos geométricos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This work is the result of a research project carried out with twenty students from the 3rd serie of high school, from the morning shift, from a private school in Caldas Novas-GO, which had as objectives: to investigate, apply and analyze a proposal for teaching solids geometries developed in the Problem Solving Methodology from app GeoGebra. From the guiding question: "What effects are produced in the learning of high school students, in relation to Spatial Geometry content, from the articulation of the Problem Resolution Methodology with Dynamic Geometry environments?", were applied, in the month from June 2019, initially, a questionnaire to identify the profile and habits of the research participants and a diagnostic activity that could guide the direction that the research would take. In the same period, three didactic sequences were elaborated, the first sequence referred to the basic notions of Flat Geometry, the second to the calculation of area and volume of polyhedra and round solids, and the third to the construction and manipulation of inscribed geometric solids and circumscribed. For the application of didactic sequences, in the month of August 2019, it was used the multimedia rooms, the computer lab and the sports court of the educational institution, on the counter and in the morning period (as some teachers gave in) your classes). In the process of data collection, they used the following instruments: photographs, footage of activities, reports, diagnostic activity and questionnaires. In addition, tables and graphs were built that included the analysis procedures, describing the Methodology of Resolution of Problems in the learning, through the construction of the solids in GeoGebra where the researcher was mediator of these activities. In the end, with the results obtained, it can be noted that GeoGebra combined with the Problem Resolution Methodology is a facilitating tool in the process of solving problems that involve solid enrolled and circumscribed, leading to the conclusion that, in turn, can benefit the process of teaching and learning mathematics in this area, especially with regard to its manipulation, concepts, visualization, construction and assimilation



Geometria, Resolução de problemas, GeoGebra, Inscrição e circunscrição de sólidos, Geometry, Problem solving, GeoGebra, Registration and circumscription of solids


REGES, N. GeoGebra e a metodologia de resolução de problemas: aplicações na inscrição e circunscrição de sólidos geométricos. 2020. 132 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Matemática em Rede Nacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020.