A mulher e o trabalho: o cotidiano das trabalhadoras dos supermercados

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The service sector has grown considerably in recent decades, driven by consumption that is the driving fashion reproduction of capital. The consumption appears as a strategy used by capital to reproduce itself through the expansion of the retail trade. The shops have undergone changes over the years in order to attract customers, facilitate and encourage the rise of consumerism. Using mainly from the labor that is available in the labor market, such as the female labor that search in participating, the opportunity for change of their social status as reproductive, caretaker of the house, husband, daughters and sons. The woman is employed in certain jobs for working women with low social prestige and the minimum rate of pay which in some cases can even be less than the man who performs the same function of women. The capital and reproduction strategy creates female labor strongholds as concerned the performance of functions in supermarkets and accentuates the sexual division of labor when taking as an example, the cashier function that is performed virtually by women. In addition to domestic work that still imposes itself as essentially feminine task and gives the woman the need for a double and/or triple workday. Resulting from a historical and social construction, gender issues express power relations, particularly with regard to the division between women and men when the biological differences are taken into account serving criteria to decrease the value of work performed by women and favoring the man for this exercise prestigious professions and reach leadership positions. The research aims to investigate the woman's process of integration in the labor market, being employed in supermarkets living the precarious working conditions in both the production space as reproductive.



Mulher, Trabalho, Precarização, Woman, Work, Precarious


CARDOSO, D. T. A mulher e o trabalho: o cotidiano das trabalhadoras dos supermercados. 2015. 84 f. Dissertação Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.