Relações linguístico-históricas no mito do achamento da Santa do Rosário nas congadas de Catalão-Goiás

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study sought to understand how the finding myth of Santa do Rosário constitutes the Congadas of Catalão in its reaffirmation in the annual rituals and festivities of Nossa Senhora do Rosário’s Festival in this city, from the studies by Brandão (1985). The material of our investigation was made up of narratives and oral songs about this festivity, related to history, life and experiences of members from this cultural and religious manifestation. The narratives were enunciated by ten (10) participants, recorded in field, which were transcribed and analyzed. Thereby, this study becomes relevant, because aims to reach the community of ‘dançadores’, the trading population and researchers by showing the myth’s dynamics in the festival, as culture and religious manifestation in the city. The material of our analysis to identify, describe and analyze the myth as a historical reinforcement had as study perspective the interrelationship between language and culture in the understanding of the linguistic and cultural elements of the founding and legitimizing myth of this practice of religion and popular culture in central Brazil, sitting the research in the bias of Anthropological Linguistics. For this purpose, we used the studies by Coelho (2006), Fiorin (2003), Platão (2001), Saussure (2012), Sapir (1969), Bakhtin (1987), Bosi (1987; 1992), Machado (2002), among others, which has guided us. The research is of mixed qualitative nature, because it involved study in laboratory and field. Our results confirmed the hypothesis that in various forms of language of ‘congadeiros’ (in our case, narratives and songs), we can understand the configurations of Nossa Senhora do Rosário’s Festival, because in these forms the mythical plot of the finding of Santa do Rosário was reaffirmed in an uncontested way, recreating historical and linguistic memories of this community.



Língua, Cultura popular, Congada, Mito do achamento, Enredo mítico, Congada, Finding myth, Language, Mythical plot, Popular culture


MANOEL, Cássio Ribeiro. Relações linguístico-históricas no mito do achamento da Santa do Rosário nas congadas de Catalão-Goiás. 2017. 155 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.