Do jovem para o jovem: discurso e sujeito na Pastoral da Juventude do Brasil

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study aims to analyze the construction of the discourse of PJB the bias of Discourse Analysis of french line, to evaluate the formation of the discourse of youth ministry in the 1980s and early twenty-first century. It composes the corpus of this study two documents that list guidelines for the evangelization of Catholic youth in Brazilian historical periods indicated: the first is the document collection 44 studies (green collection) of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, published in 1986, and the second document to be parsed is the document 85 of documents collection (blue collection) CNBB, published in 2007, on the occasion of the V Latin American Episcopal Conference in Aparecida (SP). This research supports in statements collected in the corpus from which we glimpse to analyze the words that cross political religious discourse of the Document 44 (1986) and the predominance of statements related to the sayings of the Pentecostal religious discourse in document 85 (2007). In our analyzes, we understand the statement as something that goes beyond the purely grammatical dimension and / or linguistic document or a text, something actually produced in its condition of enunciative function, which implies a subject, a support, a date and a place, even marking its condition, as Foucault explains in the Archeology of Knowledge. We take the statement as a methodological category that assisted us in reading the above documents, enabling us to realize the youth ministry documents the crossing of religious discourse with history and social issues. Moreover, we observe in the corpus objectification / subjectification of the young built by discursive practice of youth ministry at these periods to ratify the constitution of the subject indicated in the guidelines established by the documents, given that the processes of subjectivation are ways of life through which individuals constitute subjects. As our analytical approach focuses on analysis of documents, should be noted that the process of subjectivity to which we refer will be taken as an indication or guideline outlined in the documents, in other words, the movement of objectivity / subjectivity will be taken as guidance for the youth who join or constitute themselves as subjects of this religious institution. In the Youth Ministry, they build a youth identity, because when joining this institution, and becomes a subject, the young takes an identity that is (re) defined by the teachings of Youth Ministry. Therefore, we propose to analyze the construction of desired identity that comes from subjective processes by which individuals-young will.



Pastoral da Juventude, Análise do discurso, Identidade, Sujeito, Subjetivação, Youth Ministry, Discourse analysis, Identity, Subject, Subjectivity


SANTOS, Edilair José dos Santos. Do jovem para o jovem: discurso e sujeito na Pastoral da Juventude do Brasil. 2013. 108 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2013.