Narrativas de formação de famílias ciganas em Pires do Rio-Go (2000 a 2017)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The development of this work is structured in the narratives of life histories of formation of the gypsies living in the city of Pires do Rio-GO. In this sense, the trajectories, work practices and experiences acquired during the life with the older gypsies and relatives will be approached throughout the text. The present research seeks to find answers to the problem situation "What is the sense of formation built by gypsy families in Pires do Rio-GO"? Understanding that these subjects according to literature left few records of their historical saga across the world. The general objective is anchored in investigating the sense of formation built by non - school Roma in Pires do Rio-GO. In the attempt to know the origins of the gypsy people, it is proposed first a bibliographical revision with theoretical support of the postulates of Moraes Filho (1981) Teixeira (2009) Perione (2000). Frans Moonen (2011) and the Guide to Public Policies for the Gypsy People (2014). The method that best problematizes the demand of this dissertation is the autobiographical one because it understands that this one meets the proposed objective. We will address the recalling events through the life histories of these subjects, based on the studies of Maurice Halbwachs (2006), Josso (2004) (2010), Nóvoa (2010), Soares (1991), Bosi (1998) Delory-Momberger 2008) (2012) Clandinin and Connelly (2011) (2015), Antônio Bolívar (2002). Once the initial considerations of the historical origins have been made and the method of the research, the writing goes through the identification of the subjects of the research carried out by exploratory research. They will be presented through the narratives as the process of arrival and permanence of those subjects who chose to live in masonry houses, thus abandoning nomadism and becoming sedentary. Subjects such as religion, culture, marriage, family life, the trips that in the past were customary among the family group.In this perspective the life experiences of the Gypsies of Pires do Rio-GO will be pointed out in their view regarding the school emphasizing the cause for not having attended, the prejudice pointed out with antagonistic visions, the labor practices having as main factor the learning along of life. Specifically, the concept of training draws attention and the support comes from Josso (2004) Alheit and Dausien (2006) Caspar (2007) and the Brussels Memorial (2000). This analysis through the gypsy narratives made it possible to think about the understanding of the sense of formation that Gypsies give their lives through the experiences that were acquired with their parents and older relatives.



Ciganos, Narrativas de formação, Aprendizagem, Histórias de vida, Gypsies, Training narratives, Learning, Life Stories


FELIPE, Adilson dos Reis. Narrativas de formação de famílias ciganas em Pires do Rio-Go (2000 a 2017). 2018. 162 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.