A construção de bandeiras: um cenário para exploração da geometria via tecnologia e interdisciplinaridade no ensino fundamental

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This work refers to a project carried out with ninety students of the sixth year, of the afternoon shift, of a municipal school, in the city of Uberlândia - MG, from the perspective of learning in Geometry, from the development of an interdisciplinary proposal, in which teachers from three other areas of knowledge contributed to the development of this. The objective was to investigate in which aspects the interdisciplinary practice allied to the use of GeoGebra software could influence the interest and learning of geometric concepts introduced in the sixth year of Elementary School II. The theme "Flags" was elaborated in the idealization, creation and confection, using the flags of Brazil, Minas Gerais and Uberlândia, whose development took place between August and November of 2018, counting on a total of twenty- five lessons. For its execution, a questionnaire was preliminarily applied to trace the profile of study subjects' habits and to diagnose the previous knowledge they had. The information obtained through this questionnaire guided the elaboration and application of the other activities carried out in the classroom, namely: reading and interpretation of official texts (legislation), study of vocabulary and production of texts in Portuguese Language; historical and geographical contextualization of the institution of these flags in each of the respective spheres in History classes, drawing each of them in the Art class and, simultaneously, in the Geometry class, the identification of geometric concepts present in the texts that were explored, constructions of flat figures, measurements and activities using GeoGebra. The methodology adopted was separated into two moments: a first bibliographical one, which aimed to gather information and data about what has already been written about interdisciplinarity and technology for the foundation of this work and the second, a case study that involved teachers partners and students, aiming to relate mathematical knowledge and other contents, technologies and didactics throughout the research process. We used qualitative research in our proposal, and the data were collected from audiotape interviews of students and teachers, annotations made during the interactions, files saved from digital media constructions, printed activities, and the questionnaire answered by the students. The analysis of the obtained results was done after the accomplishment of the planned activities and consisted of the categorization of the information obtained during the follow up of the activities, considering the behavior and comments of the students during the execution of the activities and the perceptions of the project partners teachers. Finally, there was a change in the students' behavior and their receptivity regarding the content applied and the development of activities in the computer lab that became a motivation for the classes. In addition, the involvement of teachers from other areas has led to a narrowing of interpersonal relationships and the perception that working on content interdisciplinarily contributes to a better understanding of students and facilitates their learning process.



Geometria, Bandeiras, Interdisciplinaridade, GeoGebra, Geometry, Flags, Interdisciplinarity


OLIVEIRA, I. N. C. A construção de bandeiras: um cenário para exploração da geometria via tecnologia e interdisciplinaridade no ensino fundamental. 2019. 137 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Matemática em Rede Nacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.