Proposta de unidade didática para a aprendizagem significativa de conceitos de física moderna e contemporânea

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Stimulating the interest and the curiosity into Physics classes in High school can be facilitated if the contents are closer to the students' everyday experiences. Thus, the technological advances that we are exposed can be used as motivations that contribute with this approach. In this line, a viable proposal is the inclusion of topics of Modern and Contemporary Physics (MCP) in teaching, where should be discussed the benefits and applications of these topics related to physics in different fields of knowledge such as medicine, engineering, computing and art. National Curriculum Standards protect skills of such a nature, but in practice, these contents are still away from many schools in Brazil. Thus, our work aims at the development of an instructional courseware to guide the teacher to treat the contents above here from social, cultural, and political perspectives, where prior knowledge of the student is being considered the most important variable. To this end, the Teaching Unit proposed here is divided in three parts, so as to include concepts such as continuous physical quantities and quantized, wave-particle duality, as well as different "modern" physical processes such as the photoelectric and the photovoltaic effects, and the stimulated emission applied to the LASER, LED and OLED. Our intention is to enable concrete possibilities for students to promote the negotiation and retention of these concepts in a meaningful and critical way. Initially, the topics presented have a high degree of generality, and from there, they are subsequently worked more specifically. So, this dynamic process to build knowledge becomes essential to promote the progressive differentiation and integrative reconciliation of concepts. In this sense, they are suggested various activities such as mind maps, concept maps, reading and reading comprehension, as all summative and recursive evaluation means. Then as a final project proposal, participating students will present topics related to FMC in the form of free works. We conclude that in addition to collaborating with the intellectual growth of all involved, i.e., teacher and student, this proposal allows them to be in continuous contact with recent scientific research.



Ensino de física, Física moderna e contemporânea, Unidade de ensino potencialmente significativa, Aprendizagem significativa, Teaching physics, Modern and contemporary physics, Potentially meaningful teaching unit, Meaningful learning


COELHO, T. S. O. Proposta de unidade didática para a aprendizagem significativa de conceitos de física moderna e contemporânea. 2016. 93 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Ensino de Física em Rede) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.