Transferência de tecnologias e impactos socioambientais no campo: um estudo da atuação de políticas desenvolvimentistas para os “territórios rurais”

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study aims to address the context of the construction and application of scientific/technological knowledge considering teaching activities, research and extension culminating in the transfer of technologies to agricultural production with a view to assessing the rural sustainability and autonomy of the subjects involved with the productive activity. Thus, it highlights the importance of techniques for the construction and appropriation of the geographic space in constant transformation in the landscape and the formation of the territory, from the colonial exploitation during the sixteenth century to the present day,also highlighting the crucial policies that acted in that process. Strating from the beginning of the history with the european invasion on the continent, academic approaches show an irresponsible appropriation of the resources, leaving traces of environmental destruction, species extinction, soil degradation, destruction of streams and springs and expulsion of the subject peasants and traditional peoples of their land. Even today, with all the scientific and technological knowledge to reduce the adverse effects of human actions on the environment, the unbridled exploitation continues impacting negatively on resources by a shortsighted productivism, feeding the capital flows in the territory. It aims to know the use of the techniques of social and environmental commitment and policies for the market. Besides of the bibliography and accessed documents, interviews were made, photographs and sectoral notes were taken in one of Brazil’s most productive regions, located in the Central West Region, in an area delimited by public policy known as "Território Rural da Estrada de Ferro em Goiás" covering 14 counties of which data were collected and analysed, showing clearly that although it is possible to produce in a sustainable manner, even with important actions carried out, the geographic space still has been built and appropriated with irresponsible exploitation activities



Conhecimento, Exploração, Devassidão, Comprometimento, Sustentabilidade, Knowledge, Exploitation, Debauchery, Commitment, Sustainability.


OLIVEIRA, Fábio Borges de. Transferência de tecnologias e impactos socioambientais no campo: um estudo da atuação de políticas desenvolvimentistas para os “territórios rurais”. 2017. 160 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.