É hora da história: oficinas de leitura no desenvolvimento das competências leitoras de crianças do primeiro ano do ensino fundamental

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


In the research is based on the conception of reading teaching in which the literary text assumes a fundamental role in the student-reader formation. The central problem is how the children of the first year construct their reading comprehension, starting from the participation in workshops of reading of literary texts, planned with the intention of expanding the reading abilities in this stage of schooling? The aim of this study is to understand how children, in this stage of schooling, are trained as active readers as they participate in planned reading workshops, aiming at developing reading strategies that help them construct meanings for the texts, making inferences, views and Connections from their previous knowledge. To do so, we seek to broaden the students' reading skills, to understand their interaction with the texts and with the researcher teacher, through reading practices anchored in literary texts. Through a qualitative approach, from the perspective of the action-research method, the methodological tools used to construct the empirical data were the participant observation of the classes of Portuguese language of the class, non-directive interviews with the teacher regent and analysis of documents, specifically the Pedagogical guidelines of the State Schools of Integral Time, in order to understand the situations to which we would intervene. In this research, the nineteen workshops were set up as an interventional instrument, using records in the logbook, audio recordings of the collective dynamics taught, dialogue with the students and teacher of the class of the teaching institution. We discuss with authors that problematize the relationship between reader training, children's literature, literacy and literacy, mediation of the teacher in the process and the role of reading strategies in this context, such as Zilberman (1994; 2009), Carvalho (2007), Kleimam (2001; 2002), Saraiva (2001), Soares (2014), Bortoni-Ricardo (2012), Solé (1998), Girotto and Souza (2010), Cosson (2007, 2014), among others. The analyzes indicate that children, even without having the mastery of the written code, from the mediation, are able to understand texts. Thus, the expansion of the reading abilities of children in the initial series of literacy will occur from the moment that, in pedagogical mediation, their experiences and experiences in the field of reading are amplified, prioritizing the development of their literary repertoire, with direct contact with books.



Leitura literária, Formação de leitor, Mediação pedagógica, Estratégias de leitura, Literary reading, Reader training, Education and training, Reading estrategies


OLIVEIRA, S. C. S. É hora da história: oficinas de leitura no desenvolvimento das competências leitoras de crianças do primeiro ano do ensino fundamental. 2018. 150 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.