Noções espaciais e brincadeiras como mediação da aprendizagem na educação infantil

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The space is the stage for the children's achievements and experiences; these, in turn, develop from the games, drawings, which they carry out with their peers in their daily lives. Based on their exploratory experiences, teachers can teach children about geographical notions, who are protagonists and have a voice in the teaching and learning process. In addition to looking at authors such as Callai, (1988) Castrogiovani (2006), who provided the basis for the construction of the study, readings were carried out on the theme of games and drawings as drivers of the mediation of the first spatial notions in Early Childhood Education. In this sense, it stands out: Arce (2013); Castelar (2000); Fani (2007); Leontiev (2004); Oliveira, (1996); and Vygotsky (2007). The specific objectives were answered during the analyzes carried out by scholars such as Castellar, Callai, and also throughout the readings carried out in the documents, because it was necessary to mediate the main activity such as understanding the development of play and encouraging children to listen carefully to the acquisition of knowledge. It was listed that through the readings of the theoretical references mentioned here, it was noticed that through the play of social roles and knowledge of one's own body, socialization with the other and the environment, they are instruments for the construction of space and are essential for the construction of this work. It was evident that the research method exposed here is the cultural history, as the social, economic and cultural interaction interferes in the child's development, as well as in the expansion of geographical notions. The methodology of this study permeates qualitative research, as a theoretical research was carried out by the authors mentioned above. To support the theory, a documentary research was carried out and concluded that it is necessary to update the Pedagogical Political Project of the Public School, since the Private College document was updated in 2020. It is concluded that there is an urgent need to involve games and drawings as knowledge of the first spatial notions for children in Early Childhood Education. In the documents and in the Political Pedagogical Project, first they point out more to games as the integral development of the child and do not clearly report on the spatial notions that are closely related, as it is necessary to add the main activities and explore the spatial notions, the laterality , and, later, design notions.



Noções espaciais, Brincadeira, Criança, Corpo, Catalão, Spatial notions, Just kidding, Child, Body


NAVES, L. M. S. Noções espaciais e brincadeiras como mediação da aprendizagem na educação infantil. 2021. 153 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2021.