Aplicação de produtos químicos no tratamento de água para abastecimento público: abordagem metodológica em Morrinhos (GO) – 2014-2015

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Brazil is a country with great potential for water resources, but it does not mean that the water from their fountains have the necessary quality for human consumption. Normally, there must be a chemical and physical intervention in order to tailor their natural characteristics to legal parameters of potability. However, the addition of chemicals to the water causes some suspicion among consumers, especially regarding the possible side effects of this practice. In this sense, the present research brings a methodological approach that has the general objective to verify the actual need for application of chemicals in the public water supply in the county of Morrinhos, Goiás State, indicating the viability or not of water consumption in natura by population. For this purpose, were realized collections and analysis of samples of gross water and treated following the standards required by brazilian law and international standards, plus access to results obtained by the Sanitation Company in the county between July / 2014 and December / 2015. By comparing the results of water analyzes in its natural state and then treated and the confrontation with the parameters established by law, it was possible to achieve the specific objectives proposed by the research. The study also discusses the current situation of the public supply fountains in the county, given the influence of anthropogenic processes and their relationship to the characteristics analyzed in the water and its scarcity in the city. The text is divided into seven sections that bring the introduction to the subject studied, the objectives, the rationale, the theoretical framework, the problem of water scarcity, its importance as a public health factor, the controversies and questions about their treatment, the methodology adopted, the characterization of the study area, a succinct approach of the main stages of water treatment in Morrinhos (GO), besides the exposure and discussion of results. The conclusion analyzes the current aspects of the treatment and water supply in the region studied given the results of the research, considering the factors that may interfere in the supply and quality of water distributed to the population.



Recursos hídricos, Tratamento de água, Água bruta e tratada, Abastecimento público, Water resources, Water treatment, Gross water and treated, Public supply


SILVA, S. P. C. Aplicação de produtos químicos no tratamento de água para abastecimento público: abordagem metodológica em Morrinhos (GO) – 2014-2015. 2016. 119 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.