A construção dos sentidos do processo de letramento: pluralidade vivenciada no ensino fundamental público

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The current social context, surrounded by the plurality of literacies that crosses graphocentric society, makes them to be need different domains of writing by people in multiple instances of social Thus, language skills, understandings, interpretations, dialogicities, interactions in communicative events and discursive practices make up the daily life of specific social spaces and private in the light of events and literacy practices that differ from place to place, from situation to situation. Of this reality comes the tuning of the literacy process with the search of meaning, considering that in Brazilian society is still present very schooled school practices, resulting in difficulties in the development of literacy practices that cover the construction of meaning by students . Thus, this study has sought to understand how students in the fourth grade of elementary school of a public school, located on the outskirts of Ipameri, state of Goiás, construct meaning to events and literacy practices of which participate in the universe of school. The research backed up on a qualitative approach, of ethnographic tipe, as there was an insert in the real conditions experienced by the students. The techniques of collection of information raised by research consisted of systematic observation of a series of literacy events in the classroom and in the colorful room, which were registered in a field diary, and also through semi-structured interviews with students. Using these procedures, it was discussed the meanings of literacy process in communicative, interactive and dialogical contexts expressed by classes, storytelling and lectures. Therefore, the research was theoretical supported especially in studies of literacy, senses, meanings, Bakhtin's dialogism, enunciations, events and literacy practices, basing on authors such as: Mari (2008); Bakhtin (1995, 2011); Marcuschi (2007); Sobral (2009); Hilgert (2012), Soares (2012), Kleiman (2005), Hamilton (2000a, b), Street (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014); Barton and Hamilton (2000), Heath (1982) and others. The analysis of these literacy events allowed us to affirm that the senses of the literacy process are perceived when there is interaction, dialogue expressed in the enunciations of the students in the group view, of collectivity. In classes where there was no interaction between student-text or between student-teacher-text, as in the activities based on questions and answers decontextualized, usually present in the textbooks worked, was unviable the perception and the understanding of the senses of the literacy process. The construction of the senses, despite having arisen of students in any occasions, also needed the linguistic system to be in the field of meanings and / or history, to say about the social, so that one can say that subject-system- history cooperate in this construction. The content of the interviews with two students and two students researched revealed buildings of sedimented senses experienced in more individual perspective, in which on one side, were present interests, desires, favorite activities by students as they were moved, touched and stimulated to comment about certain reality. On the other hand, were present the not liking, reject, ignore, elucidated in situations which referred to the silence, expressing resistance, demotivation, among other aspects. In the reports, it was observed that certain school activities were not well conceived by the students because of the impossibility of reaching out for their understanding, to be authors of their products, their speeches. Thus, there is the indication that most schools still have a challenge to confront: the promotion of literacy practices supported in the dimension of the senses.



Eventos de letramento, Práticas de letramento, Leitura, Escrita, Sentidos, Literacy events, Literacy practices, Reading, Writing, Senses


ROSA, M. H. A construção dos sentidos do processo de letramento: pluralidade vivenciada no ensino fundamental público. 2014. 258 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2014.