O crescimento econômico e demográfico de Catalão (GO): as incongruências percebidas através das ruas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The remarkable economic growth of Catalão (GO), observed from the 1970s onwards, and very pronounced in the first decade of this century, accompanied by a great increase in population produced a complex urban reality. From a rich city and long listed among the five most important in the state of Goiás, mainly for its economic strength, Catalão (GO) presents a reality that needs to be understood from a look that considers its multiple and antagonistic realities. From success, development and wealth to a reality of forgetfulness, lack and conflict. This was the focus of this research, that is, to consider the great economic-demographic growth occurred in Catalão (GO) and, through the ethnographic method, to present the antipodal perceptions to this reality. Thus, the methodological procedures applied in this research considered aspects already consecrated, such as the bibliographical and documentary review on the urban theme and specifically on Catalão ( GO).The innovation in the structuring of this research and dissertation is the application of the ethnographic method, consisting of a series of forays into the streets of various neighborhoods of the city, with the objective of understanding, through the researcher's perception, the various problems, contradictions and conflicts which contrasts with the wealth and development always displayed when discussing Catalan ( GO). In this way, the effort of this research consists in demonstrating the incongruences that are revealed as historical implications present in the construction of a city and in the valorization of the speaking and the eyes of the residents of popular districts of the city. It also establishes, as an important objective of this research, the need to consider - for purposes of producing more effective public policies - the perception of the residents as a real and deep source of the main conflicts and demands. Therefore, the ethnography of the streets of Catalão ( GO), tried in this research, produced a new contribution to the discussion about the city of Catalão (GO) to add to the other approaches elaborated by geography on this important city in Goiás.



Etnografia das ruas, Crescimento econômico, Percepções, Realidade urbana, Catalão (GO), Ethnography of the streets, Economic growth, Perceptions, Urban reality


VIANA, M. G. O crescimento econômico e demográfico de Catalão (GO): as incongruências percebidas através das ruas. 2019. 113 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.