Crianças público alvo da educação especial na educação infantil

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The Brazilian Federal Constitution of 1988 and the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education - Law. 9394/96 ensure education as a right of every citizen. However, it is still a big challenge the access and the permanence, especially in Early Childhood Education and public target children for special education. In the context of an educational policy of inclusion and the quest for a developing of a pedagogy centered in child, capable of successfully educating them, the question is: children from 0 to 05 years old, audience of special education, are having the warranty access and successful permanence in early childhood institutions in the municipalities of microregion of Pires do Rio? In order to find answers to proposed questions were defined as mainly aimed to analyze the guidelines and actions that direct access, permanence and the inclusion of public target children for special education,in early childhood education institutions in the microregion of Pires do Rio, whose researched corpus consisted by local school systems and institutions of child education of the following municipalities: Ipameri, Orizona, Palmelo, Pires do Rio, Santa Cruz de Goiás and Urutaí. The time frame covers the period of the year 2000, when it was launched the State Program for Diversity in a Inclusive Government Perspective of the municipalities in Goiás, until the year of 2013, the time of data collection. The procedures of data collection involved document analysis and semi-structured interviews with managers, municipal secretaries of education, special education coordinators linked the Municipal Education Secretariats, as well as directors, coordinators, school teachers and support teachers of early childhood institutions, which had enrolled the target audience children of special education. From the analysis of the data obtained in this study, we note that access of children in special education in early childhood institutions, especially in the municipalities of the microregion of Pires do Rio, is very reduced, occurring more in kindergarten than in day care center. The knowledge of the reality of early childhood education from the six counties surveyed institutions allowed to realize the urgent need for new pedagogical proposal that put children and their full development as a center of teaching practices developed in these educational institutions.



Educação infantil, Educação especial, Acesso e permanência, Children's Education, Special education, Access and permanence


CANUTO, Monica. Crianças público alvo da educação especial na educação infantil. 2015. 149 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.