Estudo químico de carboidratos isolados do micélio do cogumelo medicinal Grifola frondosa (“Maitake”)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The mushrooms have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years. Among them, Grifola frondosa (“Maitake”) may be on the most versatile and promising medicinal mushrooms for use as a dietary supplement. Besides the high nutritional value, they are a good source of compounds such as carbohydrates that can act as biological response modifiers. In this work, β-D-glucans (PSF2-GfM and MRSF2K-GfM fractions) and heteropolysaccharides unusual in the literature (MEPF3CW-GfM and PF2K-GfM fractions) were isolated from the mycelium, grown in solid culture, of the G. frondosa, by successive aqueous and alkaline extractions, followed by fractionation through freeze-thawing, precipitation of soluble material with a Fehling solution, and dialysis using a membrane with an exclusion limit of 1000 kDa. The chemical structures were established based on monossacharide composition, periodate oxidation, methylation analysis, HPSEC-MALLS and NMR studies. The branched β-D-glucans (GLC-GfM) found were similar to those previously described for the fungus, which contains a (13)- linked β-Glcp main-chain, substituted at O-6 by single-unit -Glcp side-chains, on the average of one to every third residues of the backbone, but with different molar masses and water solubility. In adittion, novel heteropolymers were obtained. One was a fucomannogalactan (FMG-GfM), with a molar mass of 175 x 103 g mol-1, was shown to have a main chain of (1→6)-linked α-D-Galp and 3-O-Me-α-DGalp, both of which are partially substituted at O-2, principally, by 3-O-α-D-Manp-α-LFucp groups. The other was a fucoxylomannan (FXM-GfM) (Mw 202 x 103 g.mol-1), which consisted of backbone of (13)-linked α-D-Manp units, totally substituted at O-4 mainly by 4-O-α-L-Fucp-β-D-Xylp disaccharide. Thus, the polymers obtained from Grifola frondosa may could be good candidates for evaluation of its biological effect, considering the results obtained for others similar mushrooms polysaccharides.



Cogumelos medicinais, Grifola frondosa, Maitake, Heteropolissacarídeos, β-glucanas, Estrutura química, Medicinal mushroom, Grifola frondosa, Maitake, Heteropolysaccharides, β- glucans, Chemical structure


SILVA, E. V. Estudo químico de carboidratos isolados do micélio do cogumelo medicinal Grifola frondosa (“Maitake”). 2014. 123 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Química) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2014.