Planejamento ambiental e políticas públicas: programa município verde azul em Franca (SP)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The current study is the result of a research carried out in the municipality of Franca, Sao Paulo, Brazil, which aims to analyze the “Programa Município Verde Azul” (“Green Blue City Program”), as an urban and environmental planning tool, and to find the socio-environmental reach of the program within the municipality. The purpose of the study was to integrate the object of study and the theory of production of urban space and residential segregation in Geography, providing data and images picturing the floods in the central area of the city of Franca, with houses that were decayed and far from the great urban centers and gated communities. The methodology chosen for this research were the parallel stages of theoretical, documental and field research. The empirical research found information and data, which were helpful in the analysis of Programa Município Verde Azul. The results of the research brought great queries about the Program and public policies within Geographical Science. The paper is divided into five chapters, the first being the description and localization of the city of Franca. The second chapter presents a conceptual theoretical study on the production of urban space, residential segregation, urban planning and environmental planning. The third chapter presents the Programa Município Verde Azul, its instructions and purposes. The fourth chapter consisted of an analysis of the Urban Master Plan and Franca’s Environmental Code, in order to understand the policies, laws and their enforcement by the Municipal Government towards the environmental issue. The last chapter is the result of a socio-environmental analysis of the Program, its object of study being the city of Franca and the environmental-related actions developed by the Public Administration.



Franca(SP), Programa Município Verde Azul, Planejamento urbano, Políticas públicas, Urban planning, Environmental planning, Public policies


SANTOS, D. P. Planejamento ambiental e políticas públicas: programa município verde azul em Franca (SP). 2016. 128 f. Dissertação(Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.