Consequência do uso do solo nas áreas de vegetação ciliar sobre a qualidade da água do Ribeirão Samambaia, Catalão (GO)


This research approaches the soil usage and occupation process and the changes occurred due to different usages of water quality and ciliary environments present in the Ribeirão Samambaia watershed area in Catalão (GO).The analysis of the indicators or variables aims to evaluate and show the main usages that have caused the reduction of water quality and the need of political applications that envisions its conservation. The recovery of ciliary environment is also part of this investigation, since its maintenance contributes to the increase of environmental quality. The study methodology used was the indicators of soil usage, such as urbanization, agriculture, pasturage and vegetal coverage, holding as reference the Mata de Galeria and the consequential analysis of water quality, based on the Environmental National Counsel Resolution (Resolução do Conselho Nacional do Meio Ambiente – CONAMA) nº. 357/2005. All of those indicators were compared to the water analysis, evaluating the influence of each usage in its quality and landscaping dynamics. The results found in the three series of analysis comprising the year 2011 have made possible the comprehension of the soil usage planning importance in order to preserve the ciliary environment and the water quality, highlighting the need of a recovering work and maintenance of water quality, mainly in the catchment patch and the Ribeirão’s affluents, where significant results for the presence of Total Coliforms and Thermotolerant were found, which demands corrective and source control contamination actions. In the ciliary environment is observed the necessity of a review in the recovery program which presents factors that have compromised the Matas de Galeria restoration. The Ribeirão Samambaia watershed, responsible for the public supply of Catalão city, needs actions that aim the planning through the implantation of projects to prevent and manage the occupation and usages given to its area, since the water quality can be compromised by these processes. The articulation between management politics of those environments as well as the framework of the surrounding areas near the catchment patch and the creation of a plan that integrates these actions is necessary to guarantee the multiple usages of water, as well as avoiding future conflicts by demand and availability of water in the spring.



Uso e ocupação do solo, Qualidade da água, Vegetação ciliar, Ribeirão Samambaia Catalão (GO), Usage and occupation of soil, Water quality, Riparian vegetation


PORTO, Klayre Garcia. Consequência do uso do solo nas áreas de vegetação ciliar sobre a qualidade da água do Ribeirão Samambaia, Catalão (GO). 2012. 257 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2012.