Adquirindo competências em educação ambiental: pedagogia de projetos aplicada aos professores da rede Estadual de Educação do Estado de Goiás Subsecretaria Regional de Catalão (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The crosscutting theme in the teaching environment requires reconstruction of the educational process on the concepts of ethics and morality in the face of discussions in school. The Environmental Education (EE), commonly based his speech on unscientific theories being propagated by rote this area of knowledge is for the analysis and interpretation of environmental problems, as well as strategies to raise awareness of humanity in relation to them. As stated in Law no. 9795, to April 27, 1999 EE is considered cross-cutting issue and should be addressed by all the disciplines taught in universities and colleges as specified also in the National Curriculum Parameters for Secondary Education - Guidelines and Middle School Curriculum. In most educational institutions, environmental issues do not relate to theoretical and practical activities affecting the dynamics of teaching and learning process between learner and educator. However, the school must articulate the curriculum to the social reality of the community within and outside school. The environmental approach in the classrooms of basic education is generally restricted to graduates in Biological Sciences and Geography, however, is also assigned to other educators articulate, among different segments inserted in basic education, pedagogical guidance, to ensure scientific knowledge. Thus, it is essential to continuing education of professionals belonging to the State Education Secretariat Regional Catalão (GO). This thesis presents a brief historical overview of the major campaigns precursor of environmental discussions in the school, the contribution of the triad, Curriculum National Curriculum Guidelines for Secondary Education and Law No. 9.9795, from April 27, 1999 in the educational process, cross-cutting theme Environment environment. Leading the discussion we sought to open dialogue about what is produced in state schools under the title Environmental Education noting issues of common sense, common sense and scientific sense, knowledge and methodologies in environmental education and ethics in educational work. Depicts the functionality of the educator as mediator of scientific knowledge and the importance of continued education and concludes with research strategies on the conceptions of teachers participating pre-and post-educational intervention. The results were also made inferences about the whole trajectory set in this research.



Educação Ambiental, Ensino público, Tema Transversal, Formação Continuada, Environmental Education, Public schools, Theme Section, Continuing Education, 1.Educação ambiental 2.Educação básica 3.Tema transversal 4.Formação continuada


PAULA, Klayton Marcelino de. ACQUIRING SKILLS IN ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: projects pedagogy applied to teachers from the State Education Secretariat of Goiás Regional in Catalão (GO). 2011. 134 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências Humanas) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2011.