Os eucaliptais no noroeste mineiro: as transformações socioespaciais na fazenda Boa Esperança em João Pinheiro (MG) no pós 1970

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


A research on the eucalypts in the Northwest Mineiro, entitled sociospatial transformations at Fazenda Boa Esperança in João Pinheiro (MG) in the post in 1970, was conducted in order to understand the forms of resistance of peasant farmers in the Fazenda Boa Esperança, with the implementation of eucalyptus monoculture from the modernization of agriculture in this period. The research adopted a qualitative approach and methodological procedures used were: a) theoretical research; b) documentary research; c) fieldwork (observations, stories and interviews of subjects); d) organization, systematization and analysis of information for the final writing of the paper. The modernization of agriculture has been provided by the State during the military regime in developmental project meeting the requirements of the capitalist mode of production. Accordingly, the Federal Government enacted the Law 5.106 of September 2, 1966, that foreseen fiscals incentives to forest enterprises using the environmentalist publicity. These enterprises came from developed countries and the needs of businesses in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte (MG) to promote “reforestation" and at the same time, supply these siderurgical. The territory of the Northwest Cerrado Mineiro was incorporated by eucalypt plantations. The Cerrado were deforested and transformed into coal, and later occupied by the eucalyptus farming. With eucalypt plantations, these enterprises started their activities by buying properties for implantation of the farming, making peasants farmers sell their land and migrate to the urban centers. The peasant farmers of Fazenda Boa Esperança when expropriated had to change and went to cities like João Pinheiro, Brasília and Uberlândia. Some chose to stay on territory where they were born changing district JK (Luizlândia West) and Vila das Almas which is a neighborhood along the BR - 040. But those who did not want to leave and remained in this territory are surrounded by eucalyptus forests, feeling the isolation, with difficulties access to the neighborhood and the water shortage worsens every dry season. The productive capital restructuring transformations generated at Fazenda Boa Esperança to social and environmental damage, leaving the peasant farmers to the margins of history without even having the possibility to participate or dignity, and still must fight daily against the system if you choose to remain on their properties.



Modernização da agricultura, Territorialização, Cerrado, Reflorestamento, João Pinheiro (MG), Modernization of agriculture, Territorialization, Cerrado, Reforestation, João Pinheiro (MG).


MARQUES, Juliana Barros. Os eucaliptais no noroeste mineiro: as transformações socioespaciais na fazenda Boa Esperança em João Pinheiro (MG) no pós 1970. 2014. 127 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2014.