A questão ambiental e o conhecimento químico no ensino médio

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Because the believe that Environmental Education plays an important role in the development of knowledge, skills and values so that they can assist in raising the quality of life and in civic education, this paper presents the results of an investigation in which sought to investigate the reality of Environmental Education within disciplines, especially in the discipline of Chemistry, in state schools of the Regional Secretariat of Education of Catalão – Goiás. Therefore, the principal objective of this study was to evaluate and map if are occurring actions with the environmental dimension in schools of this Secretariat. This research was inserted within a qualitative research study and used as tools to collect data the documental analysis and questionnaires. Data collection was performed by the analysis of the articles of the Journal “Química Nova na Escola” and through questionnaires applied to the teachers. For the treatment of data from questionnaires it was used the Discourse Textual Analysis that gave rise to four categories: Importance of Environmental Education and of Chemistry Teaching; Possibilities and challenges for working with Environmental Education, Trends/Conceptions of Environmental Education and Continuing education in Environmental Education. At the conclusion of this project it was offered a workshop of continuing education for teachers and inicial traning students of Chemistry of “Universidade Federal de Goiás – Campus Catalão”, which was entitled “Environmental Issues and Chemical Knowledge at High School and 9th grade of Elementary School”. After the workshop a questionnaire was administered to the participants. From the obtained results it can be seen that there are few studies that address environmental issues in Chemistry teaching. Even, the analyzed articles indicate that most conceptions of Environmental Education are in the most traditional form. This results also demonstrate the existence of gaps and the ausence of contextualization between Environmental Education and Chemistry teaching. It was noted that issues related to environmental theme are unsatisfactory and with low frequency in the documents (Projeto Político Pedagógico – PPP and/or Plano de Desenvolvimento da Escola – PDE), especially with regard to chemistry. The questionnaires revealed that teachers recognize the importance of environmental issues, but it was realized that they have difficulty in incorporating environmental issues into their lessons and break with traditional and conservative practices in everyday school life.



Educação ambiental, Ensino de química, Formação continuada, Environmental education, Chemistry teaching, Continuing formation


OLIVEIRA, K. M. A questão ambiental e o conhecimento químico no ensino médio. 2014. 113 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Química) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2014.