Educação ambiental na geografia do ensino fundamental: contribuição dos desenhos de alunos do 5º ano em escolas municipais de Catalão (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The environmental issue is the theme in almost all discussions, forums and events, given that the current environmental crisis is the result of a development model based on overexploitation of natural resources and a highly consumerist society, which ultimately stimulate this degradation. Therefore, the Environmental Education (EE) appears as a tool to raise awareness, stimulate the change of habits and values, as well as collaborate in the transformation of people in critical subjects, active and engaged in their living place. Given the above, the research aims to understand the role of geography in the EE‟s practice from the proposal of the National Curricular Parameters (NCP) for cross-cutting themes, emphasizing the 5th year of primary school, in two schools, in Catalão (GO), a rural and an urban. In that case a bibliographic review was carried out on the use and appropriation of nature by man, to understand the emergence of environmental problems, in addition to the documentary research in order to reflect on the importance of EE in the teaching and learning process and how the NCP have on the subject. It was held a field research in schools chosen in order to know the reality of EE in these spaces, applying interview scripts for teachers and implementation of practical activity with students. Such activity was to ask students to represent in design, what they regard as environment. In total, 36 students participated in the activity, and, through drawings we found them have a naturalistic vision of environment, which does not take into account the presence and activity of man. This idea comes from the very teacher training that replicates the knowledge in a fragmented manner and it doesn‟t contribute to students develop their holistic thinking. The EE encourages change in behavior and attitudes toward environmental issues. In addition, EE is the development of new attitudes and critical capacity to analyze the role of society in relation to the challenges of building a healthy collective environment for present and future generations.



Educação ambiental, Desenhos, Ensino fundamental, Environmental education, Drawings, Primary school


GUIMARÃES, R. C. Educação ambiental na geografia do ensino fundamental: contribuição dos desenhos de alunos do 5º ano em escolas municipais de Catalão (GO). 2015. 166 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.