A constituição do sujeito bandido Juliano Vp em Abusado: o dono do morro Dona Marta, de Caco Barcellos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


By considering the countless possibilities of researches and approaches in the area of Language Studies, we use as theoretical support the French Discourse Analysis, more specifically in the Michel Foucault’s theoretical contributions, who was not a discourse analyst but presents discussions about power, subject and truth, that will be fundamental to analyze the constitution of the thug subject in the journalist Caco Barcellos’ report book, Abusado: o dono do Morro Dona Marta (2004). Abusado (BARCELLOS, 2004) tells the Juliano’s history VP, codenamed by Rio's drug dealer Márcio Amaro de Oliveira, Marcinho VP, who for a few years continued to lead drug trafficking at Dona Marta Hill in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the modus operandi of Juliano's gang, the author describes in detail his object, as a (social) body, detainee, slum, chief and the other discursive spaces that integrate it. We aim to analyze the constitution of the subjectivity of the discursive subject Juliano VP, and to further understand how power relations are instituted in the book and corroborate their constitution as a subject. Juliano VP's position evades the bandit discursive subject patterns, in this sense, our corpus represents a discontinuity of the existing discourses about the criminal subject, breaking with the historically instituted common sense discourse. This is a paper in which we propose an archaeogenealogical analysis, based on the various statements that intersect and explain a regularity in its operation. In our analysis, we could observe, among other aspects, that the constitution of subject positions in these statements occurs not only from a social memory motivated by the construction of truths, but also by power devices that subjectify and qualify the subjects in the book. In addition, we observe the deconstruction of meanings already appropriate to the bad guys, and explain others that emerge in his speech.



Discurso, Sujeito, Memória discursiva, Relação de poder, Discourse, Subject, Discursive memory, Power relation


SILVA, M. T. S. A constituição do sujeito bandido Juliano Vp em Abusado: o dono do morro Dona Marta, de Caco Barcellos. 2019. 78 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.