Uso e ocupação das terras na bacia hidrográfica do Ribeirão Ponte Alta em Uberaba (MG) - 1985 e 2015

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The research presented below, aims to show the current dynamics, the physical environment of the Hydrographic Basin Ribeirão High Bridge, High Bridge (MG). The study of the subject is to know that the basin was supporting ore extraction limestone for cement production, through this human activity, signs of degradation are evident in the area as the clearing of vegetation. Thus, the need for a site assessment. The area to be studied has 60.7 square kilometers, with only the main focus its upper course, where are located its main sources. For methodology was used ArcGis 10.1® software for making thematic maps of the area. Using aerial images, which were acquired at INPE website (National Institute for Space Research), for making the use of maps and land occupation. And to define the mapping of declivity and hypsometric, we used an image SRTM. In the literature are found proven methodologies for generating environmental vulnerability maps, evidenced by Ross (1994), which brings an analytical model of the aforementioned environmental vulnerability start from the same principle: the Ecodinâmicas units recommended by Tricart (1977) to delimit areas in context of environmental diagnostics. The results presented by the study and analysis of geoenvironmental components that were represented cartographically. To obtain these georeferenced spatial information were used as tools of remote sensing and GIS geotechnology. Therefore the chosen area has environmental problems, particularly near the upper reaches of the basin, ie in its springs, which also showed them various minerals exploration points occurred in the 1980s and 1990. These problems affect the quality of life of the rural and urban population, it is suggested that there is a greater concern to manage sustainably the natural resources of the area, in particular the areas of springs, preventing further damage and risks. It is noteworthy that this study was purposes only analysis of the physical environment of the area of the headwaters of the Hydrographic Basin of Ribeirão High Bridge (MG).



Bacia hidrográfica, Geoprocessamento, Análise, Watershed, GIS, Analysis


RIBEIRO, L. L. Uso e ocupação das terras na bacia hidrográfica do Ribeirão Ponte Alta em Uberaba (MG) - 1985 e 2015. 2016. 94 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.