Aplicação do Geoprocessamento no estudo integrado das áreas de preservação permanentes nos municípios de morrinhos e caldas novas (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The process of settlement that has occurred in the field of Cerrado biome from the 1970, dueto the discovery of new technologies that permitted the change of soil acidity, combined with the intense investment and incentives granted by state and federal government, triggered a process of conversion of the original vegetation, which is being replaced very quickly by the practices of agriculture. At this juncture, the various vegetation types that comprise the original Cerrado vegetation was being impacted, among them, even the permanently protected by law, are being preserved as the Trails, springs, riparian vegetation, the tops of hills and rows of ridges, places of great importance for the maintenance faun-floristic and environmental stabilization. Therefore, the main object of study, this research is the Permanent Preservation Areas (APP) and environmental impacts that occur in them due to the occupation and land use. The APP's are vegetation types, features or places of the natural environment, which, because they have ig importance for the environmental balance is permanently protected and regulated by specific environmental legislation. Its importance is related to fluid balance, dissipation and attenuation of erosion, conservation of fauna and flora, serves as shelter and as ecological corridors that facilitate movement of animals, birds and insects of the islands of remaining forest. However, the research revealed that not either importance to the environmental balance, neither the environmental regulations, meant that these areas were constantly occupied and subjected to various forms of human interventions and impacts. Thus, we need better knowledge of these areas to seek mediated that effectively contributes to the preservation of these areas. In this sense, the research in question aimed to implement the GIS and its many tools in the quantification and identification of key environmental impacts that APP's suffering due to occupation and use of the Earth, focusing on spatial Municipalities of Morrinhos and Caldas Novas (GO). To achieve this, we used as instruments to review, field research, data from the SIG Ecological Economic Zoning Microregion Half Bridge; vectors Shp. drainage, roads and municipal boundaries, scale 1:100,000 georeferenced; satellite imagery - Landsat TM 2010 and Radar Image of Aster Gdem. The survey revealed that 12% of the study area should be allocated to permanent preservation. The Coverage Map Land Use and showed the following use classes: pasture (50.17%) bare soil (9.07%) dense cerrado (12.70%) growing area (11.73%) closed drain (13, 43%) water bodies (1.39%) Center Pivot (1.51%). The indiscriminate use, without proper planning has caused severe impacts on APP's. As a result makes it necessary to review the process of being subjected to occupation of these areas, seeking its preservation and to guard them so that they fulfill their important role in environmental protection.



Área de Preservação Permanente, Geoprocessamento, Impactos ambientais, Municípios de Morrinhos é Caldas Novas., Permanent Preservation Area, GIS (Geoprocessing), Environmental Impacts, City of Morrinhos, City of Caldas Novas., 1. Geoprocessamento 2.Área de Preservação Permanente 3. Bioma Cerrado 4. Impactos Ambientais 5. Municípios de Morrinhos e Caldas Novas (GO)


MARTINS, Renato Adriano. Study on Application of integrated geoprocessamneto areas permanent preservation and city of morrinhos, city of caldas novas (GO). 2010. 171 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências Humanas) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2010.