Os "gigantes" na dinâmica urbana de Catalão (GO): a atuação do capital - da especulação à verticalização (1975 - 2010)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The present study it aimed at to verify the performance of the real estate capital in the city of Catalão (GO), with prominence for the real estate speculation and the verticalization of housings enterprises, as form to accumulate the exploration of the ground urban. The chosen secular clipping understands the period enters 1975 the 2010, because it was from the tarring of the BR-050 in 1972, that the borders of the city had confided, with consequent incorporation of territories in the modernization productive process and conservative. The space concentration of the population, associated with the development of the productive forces, not only induced significant changes in the economic activities and constructed environments, but also in the standards of consumption and good of service. In this direction, one searched to know the performance of the real estate capital in the urban space saw speculation with lands and verticalization of real estate enterprises in Catalão (GO). For in such a way, it was still evaluated, as social sciences, in special Geographic science has worked urban aspects e, more recently, the speculation and the verticalization; it was also looked to verify the dynamics of the city of Catalão in the context of the southeastern microregion Goiano, having for this, verified the behavior of the migration, the urban expansion and the speculation with lands and the social segregation. Finally it was looked to understand the city of Catalão and its giants, from the speculation and of the verticalization of enterprises, searching the primordium of the speculation with lands in the city, from the decade of 1970, time this, that served of landmark and that it culminated in the dynamic present time of the giants. In relation the methodology of used research, we institute the following instruments: methodological theoretical referential (been, capital, urbanization, etc). The empirical referential consisted of work of field, interviews next to real estate proprietors of and living of buildings of the city of Catalão. Moreover, the referential technician is constituted of graphical tables and photos.



Geografia, Urbanização, Especulação, Verticalização, Catalão (GO), Geography, Urbanization, Real Estate Speculation, Verticalization, Catalão (GO), Geografia; Urbanização; Especulação imobiliária; Verticalização; Catalão (G0)


MARTINS, Priscila Celeste. The "giants" in the urban dynamics of the city Catalão(GO): the performance of the real estate capital - from the real estate speculation to verticalization (1975-2010). 2010. 162 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências Humanas) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2010.