O diabo está lá fora: a constituição do sujeito discursivo Orlando Sabino na mídia e na ficção

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The present dissertation aims to analyze how the constitution of the discursive subject Orlando Sabino by the media in the case, the enunciative clippings of the magazine Veja e issues 183 and 184 of 1972 and by the fiction The Devil Is Out There O Diabo Está lá Fora (2013), Julio Quinam and Miguel Patricio, in order to interpret in what way the historical factor determines the elaboration of the discursive subject. For this analysis we are based on the theoretical methodological framework of the Discourse Analysis (DA) of the French line, because this line of analysis allows new glances for history and reflects on the non-existence of a universal truth, but constructions of truths that , in this particular case, constructed the figure both devilish and monstrous about Orlando Sabino. As we take the publications The Devil is out there O Diabo Está lá Fora (2013), clippings from the Veja magazine report, specifically from issues 183 and 184 of the years of 1972, as well as clippings from the Truth Commission of the Triangle Mining Comissão da Verdade do Triângulo Mineiro (2017) and also clippings from the book Operation Anti-guerrilla. Operação Anti-guerrilha (1979), as analytical material we thought that such content brought events that we believed to be worthy of further study, since such publications present a discursive contradiction and point to different discursive constructions on the same subject, sometimes Orlando is a monster and devil, now he is crazy and innocent at the trial that sentenced him to prison. This work is organized in four chapters, where important concepts about statements, Discourses, History, Memory, Archive, as well as notions of Objectivation and Subjectivation.



Sujeito, Discurso, Ficção, Orlando Sabino, Subject, Discourse, Fiction


NAKAMURA, Fernanda Gomes da Silva. O diabo está lá fora: a constituição do sujeito discursivo Orlando Sabino na mídia e na ficção. 2019. 109 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.