Os aspectos culturais na toponímia: hagiotopônimos na região de Piracanjuba - GO nos séculos XIX e XXI

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research aimed to investigate the hagiotopyps used in the rural communities of the region of Piracanjuba-Go, at the time of the first occupations of this territory and also in the present time, in order to ascertain the relation between the sacred names and the act of naming the place, as a form of cult and as a form of approximation, mainly, with deities common to the devotion of the Portuguese Crown. The research follows the onomasiological course, is qualitative and documentary. The historical data were collected in the records books of the parish of Nossa Senhora da Abadia, in Piracanjuba, dating from the nineteenth century. And the current data is part of the INCRA database. Among the toponyms found in the documents, the representatives of the taxionomia of the hagiotopyps were selected for analysis. Knowing the driving factors in the occupation and settlement of the place where today is Piracanjuba was fundamental for the analysis of toponymic choices. The toponymic sign differs from other signs by its motivated character as opposed to the arbitrariness that permeates most of the conventional linguistic signs. Considering that the toponymic studies aim to verify how different linguistic aspects of the toponym can preserve or preserve characteristics of the culture, the history, the geography of the people who live or lived in certain place as an eyewitness or memory of the act of naming, for which they competed numerous factors that resulted in the choice of a specific name for a given place. Thus, as a result of this research we have the confirmation that religious factors not only contributed to the appointment of the places at the time of their settlement, but also remained as motivators for denominators today.



Hagiotoponímia, Cultura, Catolicismo, Piracanjuba, Hagiotoponymia, Culture, Catholicism


GUIMARÃES, L. S. A. Os aspectos culturais na toponímia: hagiotopônimos na região de Piracanjuba - GO nos séculos XIX e XXI. 2019. 109 f . Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.