Formação profissional em geografia: a graduação no Campus Catalão/UFG e os projetos pedagógicos de 1992, 2005 e 2009

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research aims to study the process of professional education in Geography with professionals trained in the Course of the Federal University of Goiás - Campus Catalão, focusing on elements that deal with the training of graduate and bachelor Geografia. We experience in the period of a society globalized, capitalist, which directly influences the social, economic, political and cultural development of people and that has caused changes in geographical science, in education, teachers and, consequently, the formation of professional geography. Geography is a science of everyday life and has been undergoing a process of advancement and popularization, in order to provide better understandings of reality, which confirms the importance of studies that address the formation of the Geographer, both licensed as bachelor's . We will address questions about the dichotomy and the relationship between degree and bachelor; geography as a science and its institutionalization as a discipline and its influences in the formative process of the licensee and the BA in Geography, the Political-Pedagogical Project, its construction, its importance and structure curriculum in the process of professional training in geography, and the formation of BA in Geography and the labor market. For the survey, were asked to review the literature on the subject and documentary research, which analyzed data from the last three Pedagogical Political Projects, 1992, 2005 and 2009, the School of Geography Campus Catalan and their respective curriculum structures, annual and semiannual. Also, we carried out the analysis of legal devices that guide undergraduate courses in Geography and resolutions internal UFG as the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education (Law nº. 9.394, of December 20, 1996), Law nº. 6664 / 1979 - What discipline the Profession of Geography, the National Curriculum (DCNs) and General Regulations of Graduate UFG, December 2002. Finally, in field research, interviews were conducted with professionals trained in the course, with the time frame from 2001 to 2008, and teachers of the course in question. About the data submitted during the survey, they showed that these formed a higher percentage of professionals Geography PPP in 1992, is excluded fewer students, more students are formed in normal time course. It was found, how important is the political-pedagogical project for a course, this being one of the most important elements for a good education. This defines goals, objectives and professional profile that you want to form



Geografia Formação Profissional, Bacharelado e Licenciatura, Projeto Político-Pedagógico, Estrutura Curricular, Catalão (GO), Geography training, Bachelors degree, Political-pedagogical project, Curriculum, Catalão (GO).


SANTOS, Robson Alves dos. Formação profissional em geografia: a graduação no Campus Catalão/UFG e os projetos pedagógicos de 1992, 2005 e 2009. 2013. 131 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2013.