Organização e intensificação do trabalho no espaço fabril: doenças x qualidade de vida na montadora da Mitsubishi do Brasil em Catalão (GO) – 2009/2013

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research has an objective to study the organization of work within the automobile factory. Since specific references on the subject. In order to understand the pathways realized in recent years, especially, recent studies on the Brazilian automakers. In this sense, the research divides it between theoretical research and empirical research, and, so, it directs partially understand the daily life lived by the workers of Mitsubishi of Brazil in Catalão, as well as, the negative consequences that the organization of work can cause workers involved in existing production processes within the automaker. Consequently damaging, points it up the need to highlight the disease developed in the workers, in a silently way a prolonged period of repetitive and degrading work. That still holds the Mitsubishi of Brazil in Catalão, considering that still uses the model of Taylorism / Fordist production that interconnects with aspects of Toyotism, mainly in the forms of "capture of subjectivity”. A methodological course, it is also objective of the research work with oral interviews. While this is the central source to understand the daily reality of workers from their experiences on the industry floor. Whereas, in interviews, seeks to primarily understand the worker's suffering ill at work and in many cases even have the recognition of the disease, as an occupational accident should be registered in the Social Security Institute (INSS). So that assured them certain rights, including permanence of a year on the job, guaranteed in the social security legislation. Thus, the lack of recognition, which has become common in business, takes rights workers and entrepreneurs, the obligation to take care of them throughout their treatment. Therefore, work-related diseases are closely related to the form of work organization that seeks to enhance the working operations to limit the physical conditions of workers through a "hard work" and a "flexible speech". That get to take over almost everything that the worker has to offer, through the involvement of techniques developed that get to integrate the worker in such a way that he becomes, in most cases, an advocate of the company's interests. It adds further that the research is divided into three chapters structured in theoretical and empirical research that seeks dialogue with the authors on the organization of work in the factory space and some points on productive restructuring, beyond an interdependent discussion on the influence of industrial location in the process of intensification of work operations. It also stresses up is the use of the answered questionnaires by employees of Mitsubishi of Brazil in Catalão, transformed into charts and graphs in seeking to express from the organization and intensification of work loss in the quality of life of workers.



Organização do trabalho, Intensificação, Doenças do trabalho, Cotidiano, Labor organization, Intensification, Diseases of labor, Everyday


MARQUES, G. L. Organização e intensificação do trabalho no espaço fabril: doenças x qualidade de vida na montadora da Mitsubishi do Brasil em Catalão (GO) – 2009/2013. 2015. 228 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.