Qualidade da água na microbacia do Córrego Fundo, municípios de Catalão e Ouvidor (G0): uma análise geoquímica

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The human action can change aspects of water quality restricting the possible uses of water resources. It integrates the impacts of human activities, but in that regards it as a social concept. The research shows the results of water quality with a view to understanding the geochemical features and anthropic that alters the dynamics of the environment. Thus, the aim of this work was to characterize the water quality of the Córrego Fundo, located in the region of Catalão and Ouvidor, in the southeastern region of the State of Goiás. Was performed following the determination of inorganic elements (Al, As, Ba, Cd, Pb, Co, Cu, Cr, Fe, Li, Mn, Ni, Ag e Zn) in water and soil samples. These samples were collected during twelve months, from November 2008 until November - 2009, the physico-chemical tests were performed in Goiânia (GO) in the Chemistry Laboratory of Superintendência de Geologia e Mineração - Agência de Fomento do Estado de Goiás. The results of water samples were compared with those recommended by CONAMA Resolution 357/2005 to check the water quality. The soil samples were used to identify the occurrence of the elements in the water. Some water samples were inconsistent with the Resolution for inorganic compounds, amoung them the aluminum (Al), iron (Fe), phosphorus (P), manganese (Mn) and nitrogen (N) (Córrego Mata Preta); Al, lead (Pb), Fe, P, Mn and N (Córrego Vargem Grande and Macaúba); Al, Pb, Fe, P, Mn e N (Córrego Garimpo montante); Al, Pb, Fe, barium (Ba), P, Mn and N (Córrego Garimpo jusante) and Al, Pb, P and N (Córrego Fundo). The results of analysis of water and soil from microbacia do Córrego Fundo reflect the natural condition of water quality for the elements analyzed. Since the variability of their concentration reflects the influence of seasonality (rainy and dry period) and of human action. Therefore, we conclude that the water of microbacia do Córrego Fundo shouldn´t be fit in class 2 of CONAMA Resolution 357/2005.



Qualidade de água, microbacia do Córrego Fundo, Resolução Conama 357/2005, Water quality, microbacia do Córrego Fundo, CONAMA Resolution 357/2005, 1.Qualidade - água 2.Microbacia Córrego Fundo 3.Resolução - CONAMA 357/2005


PERES, Verônica Nogueira. Water quality in the watershed of the Stream Fund, municipalities Catalan and Ombudsman (G0): a geochemical analysis. 2010. 101 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências Humanas) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2010.